Dwayne Johnson Drops Preview of ‘I Dare You’ Speech Ahead of 2022 Winter Games Opening Ceremony Coverage

by Samantha Whidden

Less than an hour before the coverage for the 2022 Winter Olympics officially began, Dwayne Johnson took to his Instagram account to share a preview of his “I Dare You” speech. 

In the social media post, which features a video of athletes performing in their Olympic sport, Dwayne Johnson declares, “I DARE YOU. I’ll bet that no matter where or when you grew up, you’ve heard the phrase, ‘I dare you.’ I’m honored to, once again, introduce our incredible Team USA Olympics athletes. The ones who have always accepted the dare. The ones who say ‘I dare YOU to tell me what’s impossible.”

Dwayne Johnson goes on to declare that it is the Team USA athlete’s time. “Go define your LEGACY. Go take care of business.”

Dwayne Johnson previously declared that it is an absolute honor for him to represent the Team USA athletes. “Very cool to hear from so many athletes and coaches as their live’s most defining moment is upon them. Best of luck to all our athletes!”

USA Winter Olympics Team consists of 223 athletes. According to People, John Shuster, a five-time Olympic curler; and Brittany Bowe, a three-time Olympic speed skater, are carrying the American flag during the Parade of Nations this evening. Bowe replaced elected flag bearer Elana Meyers Taylor after Taylor tested positive for COVID-19. 

The Winter Olympic Games are taking place in Beijing, China. There have been calls to boycott the Games due to Uyghur Genocide. The Biden Administration had plans to initiate a diplomatic boycott for the Winter Olympics and Paralympics. This boycott would bar all U.S. government officials from attending the games in an official capacity. The diplomatic boycott will not affect the participation of American athletes

Dwayne Johnson Gave an Inspiration Speech For U.S.’s 2020 Summer Olympic Athletes Last Summer

The wrestler turned actor gave an inspirational message to the Team USA athletes that participated in last summer’s 2020 Summer Olympic Games. The sporting event was originally scheduled to take place in 2020. However, the event was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

At the time of the 2020 Summer games, Dwayne Johnson also declared that some of the very best athletes in the U.S. are gathered underneath the Tokyo Olympics stadium. “But in a matter of moments, everything changes. The longest wait of their lives is over and the culmination of their blood, sweat, and tears finally arrives.”

Dwayne also explained at the time what once was considered unthinkable literally a year ago is now a glorious reality. “We come together united to celebrate the Olympians who exemplify the very best in all of us.”