Dwayne Johnson Helped One NFL Reporter Deal With Depression

by Michael Freeman

Dwayne Johnson is well-known for his upbeat personality and positive attitude. As it turns out, he often uses his positivity to help those in need, such as a notable NFL reporter who struggled with depression.

In a PEOPLE exclusive, NFL reporter Jay Glazer opened up about his new book, “Unbreakable: How I Turned My Depression and Anxiety Into Motivation, and You Can Too.” As the name suggests, Glazer avidly discusses depression and anxiety frequently plaguing him throughout his life. However, his friendship with Dwayne Johnson brings him happiness and hope, with Glazer saying “He can lift me up.”

Initially bonding while shooting HBO’s Ballers together, the two now share an incredible friendship. “When I get messages from him, it just lifts my day up,” Glazer told PEOPLE. “He and I are just so real, we have this authentic locker room. Every time I see a little voice message come or something, it peps me up, because I know it’s going to be funny.”

Continuing, he said Johnson’s messages are simultaneously wholesome and have meaning. “But I also know it’s going to be heartfelt and I know it’s going to be just real,” he continued.  “I guess, it’s going to be something too where I know if he can lift me up, then I can lift others up.”

Dwayne Johnson even hosted an almost hour-long Instagram live session to support Glazer and his book.

Calling the negative emotions “the gray,” the two talked about how everyone has emotional scars and how to cope. Even if you just watch for a few minutes, it’s clear the two have an amazing bond with one another.

Dwayne Johnson Reminisced About a ‘Wild and Fun’ Story Concerning a Monkey Named Macho

It appears Dwayne Johnson’s aid applies to more than just humans. In a recent Instagram post, he reflected on a funny story concerning a monkey named Macho and it will warm your heart.

Dwayne Johnson once invited Saving Wildlife International (SWI), a SoCal nonprofit wildlife conservation organization, to his home. Among the animals they brought was a monkey named Macho, that Johnson came to like. Though initially indifferent, Macho soon won his heart.

“I was speaking to the trainer who said, ‘Macho is really wanting to get close to you’,” Johnson wrote. He continues, “I asked, ‘Why, is it a male thing?’ He said, ‘No it’s an Alpha thing. Your energy and size, he thinks you’re just like a Silverback and Macho wants to feel protected by you.” Johnson replied, “Well you tell Macho I don’t have time to be his Silverback daddy – I got sh-t to do.”

Macho had other plans though. Holding onto his arm, he soon melted Johnson’s heart and climbed into his lap.

Scrolling through the pics Johnson posted tells the whole story and after seeing it, I’ll bet you can’t help but love Macho too.