Dwayne Johnson Hilariously Describes Himself as Being Famous for Wearing Fanny Pack

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Steve Granitz/FilmMagic)

Dwayne Johnson knows he’s become famous for a lot of reasons, and he isn’t afraid to point out the funniest reason out of all of them.

It’s not for being a WWE star known as The Rock. And not for starring in several quality films. It’s not even for starting his own tequila or energy drink business. No, the funniest reason that Dwayne Johnson is famous is because of that one time he wore a fanny pack.

Johnson acknowledged the photo seen ’round the world in a recent post on Twitter. Reviews have been pouring in for Dwayne Johnson’s new movie, “Red Notice,” and he took the time to comment on one fan’s critique.

The fan wrote, “I don’t know how to describe it but this movie #rednotice is off the chain! I don’t recall seeing a movie that is so entertaining, captivating, funny, and boy the duo @[email protected]! And seeing @GalGadot playing a character like this is priceless!”

Johnson quote tweeted the fan’s message and wrote his own caption for it. “I think you described it really nicely, brother,” Johnson said. “Audiences LOVING the movie.”

Then Dwayne Johnson went in for the kill. “Two of the biggest movie stars on the planet and a dude famous for wearing a fanny pack.”

He knows that he’ll never live down the infamous fanny pack pic. For those who haven’t seen it, one fan kindly posted it in the comments on Johnson’s tweet.

“One of the funniest moments in your career, then and now,” a fan named Robert Lonechild wrote.

Everything about the picture is iconic. From Dwayne Johnson’s hair-do to his gold chain, to his black turtleneck, to his soft smile, to his hand on the fanny pack. People reference it all the time and recreate it for their own laughs. Johnson’s fanny pack pic will go down in meme infamy.

Dwayne Johnson Talks Balancing Fatherhood With Being a Celebrity

No matter how famous Dwayne Johnson becomes, he’ll always make time for his girls. The father of three spoke with Fatherly earlier about what it’s like to raise his daughters.

“What was intentional was doing my best to be a better dad than my dad was for me,” Johnson said. “And my dad loved me with the capacity that he had. But we had a challenging, complicated relationship. So now with my daughters, especially my younger daughters, the intention is to just be a good dad and be there.”

He’s present in their lives every day, even taking the time to take them to school. “I do, every morning. Well, here’s the thing, it’s harder for my wife too, because she’s so tired. So I always tell her, ‘Listen, I’ll get up in the morning.’ Because I enjoy getting up in the morning, dropping them off, and by 8:30 or by 8:45, I’m at the gym. So I’m already in my element and I let Lauren sleep in a little bit.”

Not only a good father but a good husband as well.