Dwayne Johnson Honors ‘Trailblazer’ Father Rocky ‘Soulman’ Johnson with Epic WWE Video

by Caitlin Berard

Dwayne Johnson now holds the impressive title of “most famous person in the world,” but before his movie star days, Johnson was known by his alter ego, The Rock, and held a different type of title – the WWE Championship. Like most people, you’re probably aware of his wrestling background, but did you know his father was a wrestler too? That’s right, Dwayne Johnson is the son of none other than Rocky “Soulman” Johnson, the first black champion in WWE history.

As part of their Black History Month celebration, WWE released a two-minute video package celebrating the life and career of the Soulman, narrated by The Rock, himself. Dwayne Johnson took to Twitter to share the epic video, as well as a few words about his father.

The touching tweet reads, “This one makes me emotional, but man I’m smiling with goosebumps of gratitude, mana and pride. My dad, Rocky “Soulman” Johnson was a trailblazer and became the first black WWE tag team champions w/Tony Atlas. Thank you dad. I will forever be proud of who and what I am. I love u.”

It’s easy to forget that larger-than-life Dwayne Johnson is just like any other man. And like any man, he’s always looked to his father for strength and inspiration. Rocky Johnson passed away in January 2020 from a pulmonary embolism, after which Dwayne Johnson posted to his social media, “I’m in pain. You lived a very full, very hard, barrier-breaking life and left it all in the ring. I love you dad and I’ll always be your proud and grateful son.”

Dwayne Johnson Honors Father With Message of Hope

We have no doubt that Soulman was full of pride for his son in life, and Dwayne Johnson continues to honor his father’s memory by spreading messages of hope today. Known for his endless supply of energy, personality, and positivity, Johnson has made it his mission to share encouragement with others.

In a recent Instagram live session with Ballers co-star, Jay Glazer, Johnson discusses his own emotional scars and the steps he takes to heal them. Glazer gives insight into his own struggles with mental health but says that friends like Dwayne lift him up in times of need.

In an interview with People, Glazer went into further detail about his friendship with Johnson. He said, “When I get messages from him, it just lifts my day up. Every time I see a little voice message come or something, it peps me up, because I know it’s going to be funny.”