Dwayne Johnson Lived Out a Dream Stepping Onto ‘Hallowed Ground’ at the Super Bowl

by Matthew Memrick

Actor and former wrestler Dwayne Johnson loved stepping onto the Super Bowl field on Saturday, saying he lived out a dream in the process. 

The former University of Miami football player called the moment akin to “stepping onto hallowed ground.” Johnson, who currently owns the reincarnated XFL, gave an on-field Super Bowl introduction, starting with his trademark raised eyebrow look.

Johnson was on the Hurricanes’ 1991 National Championship team, but that’s nothing compared to the NFL’s season-ending event. After college, Johnson tried to play in the Canadian Football League but was cut two months into the season. 

The 49-year-old even joked that if you zoomed in on his Instagram photo, you’d see his “body completely covered in goosebumps.”

Dwayne Johnson’s Two-Minute Introduction Sends Chills

The wrestler, known as The Rock, wore a tight-fitting burgundy T-shirt and trousers to give his electrifying speech.

“Finally, the Super Bowl has come back to Los Angeles,” Johnson yelled.

Johnson, in another video, narrated a “Super Gold Sunday” clip. He mentioned that pro football’s top event shared Sunday with the Winter Olympics. The actor said both sporting events had never happened on the same day until 2022.

Johnson also took a moment to talk about the Super Bowl halftime show.

The actor said both events were about bringing everyone together as a “celebration of who we are.” He added that after “all we’ve been through (pandemic, etc.), we deserve this day.”

Over two million people liked the “Super Gold Sunday” video.

Johnson’s Speech Has Many Divided?

According to Looper, many liked The Rock’s speech while others called it “too cringe.”

Some loved Johnson channeling his old wrestling self. Twitter user Sportsbrain celebrated it, saying, “I love it.” Another Twitter account called Johnson’s introduction “an amazing job.”

Some social media folks didn’t hold back, going straight to the NFL’s Twitter account to call the intro “too cheesy” and “unnecessary.” One wanted the game to start (@76Gordon), while another said they “could have lived without that. (@pez1963)”

Many took issue with Johnson’s threads, saying it stole from his introduction. Amateur sports comedian @FootballKYDBA said, “@TheRock was dressed like the interior of a 1985 Cadillac Fleetwood earlier.”

Johnson’s Style Shows For Pre-Super Bowl Festivities

I guess that means no one will buy Johnson’s sneakers? The Hollywood Reporter wrote on Monday about how fans could get the actor’s kicks. They’re $199 online, by the way.

The website said Hollywood stylist Ilaria Urbinati gave the actor his Super Bowl look. He wore the bicep-hugging maroon crewneck tee and crisp tailored trousers, both by luxury label Brioni.

Johnson added a Panerai watch and an Anito Ko gold talisman pendant necklace. 

Finally, those handmade white leather kicks came from New York. Brooklyn-based brand Greats came up with shoes. The website also said the biodegradable shoes have a low-top look ($179) and a knit version of $119.