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Dwayne Johnson Offers Words of Wisdom on Accomplishing ‘Big Goals’

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Leon Bennett/WireImage)

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson may look big and scary, but he’s actually just a softie who understands the importance of putting pen to paper and manifesting your goals.

He recently posted a chill photo on Instagram of his laptop and a monogrammed pad of paper, captioning it “Friday Sunrise and writing it all down.” In the rest of the caption, Dwayne Johnson had some sage wisdom on achieving greatness and accomplishing goals.

“Big changes. Big goals. What gets my passion. What gets my focus.” He continued, “What goes “bye bye” out of my life. If you haven’t tried it, I would highly recommend you write all your stuff down.” He made a point about manifestation and the universe meeting us in our goals, writing, “Get tactile. Our DNA absorbs it when we write it down and the universe starts to meet us half way.”

To manifest something is to bring it into reality; if you think and act in a certain way, you attract similar experiences to you. Writing down manifestations can be a good way to remember them in order to make them a reality. Seems like Dwayne Johnson has read The Secret, and is manifesting his goals in a tangible, physical manner.

Johnson also joked that he needed to clean his laptop, and, frankly, that’s just a good reminder for anyone.

Dwayne Johnson Takes Some Time Off to Fish

According to Johnson, he let a record bass get away recently.

“The one that “got away” because I didn’t time my hook set properly,” he wrote on Instagram, “was NO DOUBT A NEW STATE RECORD BASS.” He posted the snap from Lake Casitas in Ventura County, California on what looked to be a gorgeous, cloudless day.

Fun fact about Dwayne Johnson: he loves to fish. He even raises trout, carp, and bass in the lake at his Virginia farm. According to a post on Instagram, he loves, “Raising fish and creating a healthy ecosystem for them,” and practices a more humane version of the catch and release method.

“You’ll see I don’t like just tossin’ fish back in the water,” Johnson wrote on the post. “Their system is already is shock and lactic acid has built up, so I ease ’em back in and help them get oxygen back in their lungs.”

What else does the Rock love? Tequila, and relaxing on his farm in Virginia.

“Few of my favorite things,” he captioned a Facebook post, “My tequila and fishing on my farm. I’ve been raising my fish for years now…and after my 5th glass of tequila, I start seeing the pink dolphins.”

Cheers to Dwayne Johnson, manifesting goals, fishing on a farm, and drinking tequila.