Dwayne Johnson Opens Up About Staying Active Whether It’s Going to the Gym or Taking a Hike

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

He shares a lot of details about his intense workouts through his social media accounts, but Dwayne Johnson doesn’t necessarily need to go to the gym every day in order to stay in shape.

During his recent interview with Fatherly, Dwayne Johnson shared his thoughts about not spending as much time at the gym as he used when he was younger.

“I’ve been feeling that for the past two, three years, so I train differently, yes,” Johnson explained. He also shared that through his workouts, he’s able to shave the volume down. 

“But there’s always some activity that I enjoy and I do enjoy going to the gym,” Dwayne Johnson further stated. He then talked about hiking as an alternative to his gym visits. “It’s like when you go for a hike or you actually go do something, I think it’s the physicality of actually going to do the action of it.

Dwayne Johnson goes on to add that not only does he enjoy hiking, it’s also his time to unplug and just have an hour and a half to himself.

Dwayne Johnson Talks Putting A Woman in Charge of His Career

While discussing his career with Fatherly, Dwayne Johnson talks about putting a woman in charge of his endeavors. “We have a lot of women in our organization. One of which is sitting off-camera right now. Her name is Maya Lasry. She’s our CMO, who is amazing.”

Dwayne Johnson also stated he has tapped Danny Garcia to run his company and be a strategic advisor. “If you want to achieve goals, for me, personally the best thing that I could do is really bring in people who had a greater skillset; who are a lot smarter; and better than me at what they do.”

Dwayne Johnson goes on to state that he has all strong women around him. “When you want to make it in life, you surround yourself with very strong, smart women.”

Dwayne Johnson Talks Joining DC Universe

When asked about his role as Black Adam in the DC Universe, Dwayne Johnson said the goal was to figure out the right way to integrate all the universes. “For me, as a fan of DC and as a fan of Marvel, I love when they are converging. And these characters in these worlds are converging. So we have a few references in our movie.”

Dwayne Johnson goes on to explain that when it comes to him becoming Black Adam, it’s about establishing who the character is and helping fans understand the anti-hero. “It’s important I think, to establish who he is and his strengths and his powers.”