Dwayne Johnson Pays Tribute to Late Father For Would-Be 77th Birthday in Touching Post

by Quentin Blount

Dwayne Johnson always has a way of hitting us all in the feels. And that was the case yet again on Saturday afternoon.

Johnson, widely referred to as “The Rock,” took to social media on Saturday to honor his late father, Rocky Johnson. Today is a sentimental day for him as it would have been his father’s 77th birthday. As a result, the 49-year-old superstar posted an emotional video to his official Instagram account. In it, highlights roll from Rocky’s days as a football player. He talks about how his dad helped put him on the path that he’s on today.

“Man I look at life these days with deep gratitude, humility, and a little grace — thankful for those dreams that didn’t come true,” Johnson begins in the caption of the video. “That’s the irony of life sometimes where the thing we want most — is sometimes it’s the best thing that never happened.”

There is no doubt that The Rock is one of the world’s biggest movie stars now. But if you remember, Dwayne Johnson was a stud defensive lineman for the Miami Hurricanes in the early 1990s. His goal was to play professional football in the NFL. And although that dream never came to fruition, it’s safe to say that his backup plan worked out pretty well.

“I failed at becoming an NFL player. And as complicated as my relationship was with my old man, he was the one who eventually trained me to become a pro wrestler. And the rest is history.”

Johnson then refers to his father by his old pro wrestling nickname saying, “Rest In Peace Soulman and cheers to those dreams that don’t come true.”

Dwayne Johnson Says ‘Life is Unpredictable’

Like many of us, Dwayne Johnson hasn’t always had it easy in life. However, he persevered and made the best of what he did have. Sure, he probably would have made a great football player. But he wouldn’t have been nearly as popular as he is today. Shoot, he is arguably one of the most popular people in the entire world.

“My dream was to become a professional football player and felt like that was my path. And of course, that dream didn’t come true. But life is so wildly unpredictable. And when you look back, sometimes the dreams that we have and the things that we want the most happen in life are sometimes the best things that never happen.”

Dwayne Johnson continued on in his post, talking about the early struggles that eventually set him on his path to stardom.

“Because the truth is, had I not been evicted, and had we not been kicked off the island, that would not have set me on a path of being motivated and driven to work hard [and] work my ass off,” he said. “I look back with gratitude and I look back now thankfully with a little bit of grace in knowing that all things worked out the way they should.”