Dwayne Johnson Proves He’s The Best Father in Adorable Photo Giving His Daughter a Manicure

by Leanne Stahulak

Dwayne Johnson once again proved how awesome it is to be a girl dad. He loves hanging out with his two younger daughters, Tia and Jazzy, and he’s happy to do whatever with them. Even give out incredible manicures.

The WWE star and actor sat down with three-year-old Tia this weekend to indulge in some adorable father-daughter time. He posted a sweet snapshot of the two on Instagram, showing off Tia’s decked-out pink bedroom or playroom. She kneels on a big gray table while Johnson leans over her hand to give her the perfect manicure.

“She knows who to come to for the best ‘mani’ in town!” Dwayne Johnson captioned the post. “At least these calloused dinosaur hands are good for something.” The “Jungle Cruise” actor also included the hashtags, “#sundayvibes #bestmaniintown #nodiscountsthough.”

Johnson loves posting these adorable day-in-the-life snapshots of his family, and we love to see them. No matter how tough of a good guy or bad guy Johnson plays on screen, we all know he’s just a big soft teddy bear in real life.

Just look at this pool day pic Dwayne Johnson posted earlier this month. It features both Tia and her six-year-old sister Jazzy. “Fun pool day. Which equates to ‘daddy jump in but you’re not allowed to take your shirt off, so catch yourself a farmers tan around your neck and then you have to carry us everywhere because the grass is lava,'” the actor captioned the post. “Life is good today, hands full.”

His hands certainly look full, but the joyful grins on the girls’ faces make Johnson’s not-so-relaxing pool day totally worth it.

Dwayne Johnson Drops Sneak Peek of New Netflix Film With Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds

Over the weekend, Dwayne Johnson dropped a sneak peek of his Netflix blockbuster film “Red Notice.” The film stars “Wonder Woman” Gal Gadot and “Free Guy” actor Ryan Reynolds. That means the film’s sure to be as action-packed as it is hilarious.

In his post, Johnson described the movie in a few simple words. “The world’s most wanted art thief. The FBI’s top profiler. And the greatest conman the world has NEVER seen….RED NOTICE is Netflix’s biggest movie ever ~ and the most FUN,” he wrote.

The film starts streaming on Nov. 12, according to Johnson, and it promises to be a wild ride based on the clip alone. In the video, we see Gal Gadot fending off both Johnson and Reynolds, kicking both of their butts with ease (and looking gorgeous the whole time).

We can’t wait to see the rest of the film when it starts streaming in a few months.