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Dwayne Johnson Proves His Generosity With After Dinner Tip

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Matt Crossick/PA Images via Getty Images)

When it comes to superstars in entertainment, few rival the level of fame that Dwayne Johnson has. He was rather generous recently after a dinner out on the town.

The former WWE champion has been in the news quite a bit lately. He just remains one of the most famous and universally loved stars in the country. As a former football guy, Johnson was on the ManningCast during the NFL Playoffs. He has been talking about the Super Bowl more often as the date gets closer.

He has Red Notice on Netflix that is now turning into a franchise with a sequel and maybe a third film being put together. Johnson is everywhere. That includes being out to dinner in Beverly Hills. While enjoying the nightlife that the famous neighborhood has to offer, the paparazzi caught up with the star.

Dwayne Johnson doesn’t have to worry about money, much, it is safe to say. He is almost a billionaire if he isn’t already. So, while he was leaving, photos caught the actor sliding a nice-sized wad of cash over to the valet that delivered his car. Because, why wouldn’t he? Apparently, it was about $100.

As usual, The Rock was looking fashionable and fit. He was looking very well-tailored in his burgundy red outfit. He was wearing a black mask and looked like he posed a bit for the cameras. That must be his old wrestling persona coming out a bit. Never one to shy away from the camera.

One thing that Dwayne Johnson is pumped for is the Winter Olympics. As the games started, he wanted to get other Americans excited to cheer on Team USA. If anyone is going to get some fans excited, it is going to be The People’s Champ.

Dwayne Johnson Gives ‘I Dare You’ Speech

If you are the United States, why wouldn’t you have Dwayne Johnson as your hype man? He proved to be one of the hottest to ever pick up a mic in the WWE. Then, he made a movie career. By far more successful than anyone before him. John Cena is currently riding that same path. He gave a speech he called, ‘I DARE YOU.’

“I DARE YOU. I’ll bet that no matter where or when you grew up, you’ve heard the phrase, ‘I dare you.’ I’m honored to, once again, introduce our incredible Team USA Olympics athletes. The ones who have always accepted the dar. The ones who say ‘I dare YOU to tell me what’s impossible.'”

During the speech, he very boldly says, “Go define your LEGACY. Go take care of business.” Go check that out and try not to get chills.

It seems that Dwayne Johnson is going to be involved with everything from here on out. Everywhere you look, Dwayne Johnson. He seems to be all over the place doing everything all at once. How does he do it?