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Dwayne Johnson Reflects on Growing Up in Honky Tonk Bars in Nashville

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Samir Hussein/Samir Hussein/WireImage)

Nashville, Tennessee, is a city that is beloved by many, many people. One of those people is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

The 49-year-old superstar recently shared his love for Music City on social media. He did so as he highlighted “The Great American Mana Mobile Tour.” This tour brought Johnson’s tequila brand – Teremana – to people across the United States of America. The tour made its way across the country in a food truck called the Teremana Mana Mobile.

Dwayne Johnson’s recent post showed a video of a few special people from Nashville enjoying the food from the truck, as well as the beloved actor’s tequila.

“NASHVILLE, you already know you have a VERY special place in my (heart)…..,” the “Jungle Cruise” star shared on Instagram.

Next, “The Rock” recounted his past history with the Middle Tennessee city. Turns out, he has called the city home during three different times in his life.

“I lived in Nashville as a kid, then moved back to Nashville when I was a troubled teen hanging out in honky tonk bars on Broad St – then moved back to Nashville to start my pro wrestling career,” Dwayne Johnson also shared.

In bringing his Mana Mobile to Music City, “The Rock” was doing much more than just showcasing his tequila brand. He was doing something for some of the city’s hardest-working individuals. See, the actor provided them with their meals for free.

“So, bringing our MANA MOBILE to ‘The Ville’ to take care of our front line healthcare workers, our first responders and their families was an absolute honor,” Dwayne Johnson said. “As always, your money is NO GOOD at the #ManaMobile. IT’S ALL FREE. All of it. Enjoy, enjoy, ENJOY!!!!”

Sending his Mana Mobile to his former home was a way for the actor to, as he put on Instagram, “#ComeFullCircle.” You can check out his post and the Mana Mobile video below.

Dwayne Johnson Also Loves Country Music

In addition to loving Nashville, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson also loves the music genre that helped put the city on the map. That genre, of course, is country music.

Turns out, the world-famous movie star has already performed one duet. It wasn’t a country music song, though. This collaboration was with rapper Tech N9ne on the song, “Face Off.”

“The Rock” has also said would love to team up with a country music star on a song. One person on his list is popular outlaw country star Jamey Johnson.

In addition to being a fan of outlaw country, Dwayne Johnson is also a fan of traditional country music. He has showcased this love on social media many times. For example, he has shared his love for star Cody Jinks. He has also named the traditional artists he loves. These include the legends Willie Nelson, George Jones, and Merle Haggard.