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Dwayne Johnson Reflects on How Ridiculous He Looked Early in His Career

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Frank Micelotta/Getty Images)

Dwayne Johnson holds one of the most impressive resumes in Hollywood. He is a huge box office draw. As a result, films like Jumanji¸ Jungle Cruise, and Red Notice are all incredibly popular. Before he started doing movies, he became one of the greatest champions the WWE has ever seen. Add to that his training regimen, otherworldly drive, and the amount of food he needs to fuel it all and you’d think that there’s no way you have anything in common with him.

However, the more we learn about Dwayne Johnson, the more “regular dude” vibes we get from him. For instance, he’s a family man who adores his children. Additionally, he is a huge fan of country music. So, that’s two things that he has in common with the Outsider team. Lately, we learned that even the mighty Rock looks back at old photos of himself and cringes. I think that’s something that we can all relate to.

Yesterday, Dwayne Johnson took to Twitter to roast his past self. He shared a tweet celebrating 25 years since his WWF debut on November 17th. That post contains a photo of Johnson, then known as Rocky Maivia, from his first in-ring appearance.

Dwayne Johnson started his roast-mode post with a question. “How fire is my arts & crafts ring outfit from Michael’s!?!” Then, he went on to shed a little light on that night. “Hey, if you’re gonna debut in your first match EVER for WWE in the famed Madison Square Garden, you may as well DIY.”

To end the roast of his past self, Dwayne Johnson elaborated on the “most perplexing” part of the whole thing. “I actually looked in the mirror backstage and said, ‘f**k yeah’.”

Dwayne Johnson’s Ring Outfit Is Something Else

It’s easy to see what Dwayne Johnson was going for there. He is proud of his Samoan heritage. So, he wanted his ring outfit to reflect his culture, in some way. With that in mind, it looked like he took to the arts and crafts store to build the pro wrestling equivalent of a Samoan warrior outfit. Additionally, the outfit could have been a nod to his late maternal grandfather, Peter Maivia, a Samoan professional wrestler. When The Rock played Maui in Moana, he helped design the character from photos of Maivia. So, it stands to reason that his first ring outfit was also a nod to the late wrestler.

It’s not like this is the only photo of Dwayne Johnson on the internet in which he looks less than suave. For instance, there’s the iconic photo of The Rock sporting a turtleneck, silver chain, and a fanny pack. He’s never passed up a chance to poke fun at himself for that photo either.