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Dwayne Johnson Reveals He’s at ‘Most Peace’ When in Nature

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Spike TV)

Dwayne Johnson’s career in the public’s eye has spanned multiple different avenues over the past couple of decades. He’s been a longtime partner of Disney, starring in family-focused classics like “The Game Plan” and “Tooth Fairy” in 2007 and 2010, respectively. His most recent Disney pursuits have included “Moana” and “Jungle Cruise.” Still, others recognize him more as “The Rock” from his WWE glory days. Although he publicly brushed off politics as a career path, there’s no telling where his next pursuits will take him. Although, a WWE smackdown featuring him and his alleged foe, Vin Diesel, would be pretty interesting…

Okay, so that probably won’t happen for more reasons than one. “The Rock’s” got some little mini-mes to take care of, after all. His hands are full and the guy probably needs a break. So, how does the towering star get in his R&R? Well, it seems he and Outsiders have a lot in common there. Johnson reveals that he feels “most at peace” when he’s surrounded by nature.

Dwayne Johnson Talks About His Relationship With Mother Nature

In sitting down with Vanity Fair, Dwayne Johnson took a deep dive into his identity, fitness, and work. One of the questions he answers is “Where do you feel at peace?”

Johnson takes a moment to bask in silence, clearly giving the question some thought. After a brief pause, he proceeds to answer: “I feel at peace when I’m somewhat isolated. And what I mean by that is, my family, is with me, of course, um… or sometimes they’re not, but I’m at peace when I’m really surrounded by nothing but Mother Nature and there’s no one else around. That’s where I feel at peace.”

Dwayne Johnson comes from an interesting lineage. He has a Samoan mother, while his father is of Black Nova Scotian heritage. Their family moved around quite a bit during Johnson’s formative years, meaning he got to experience an abundance of cultures and meet all kinds of people during that time. Living in places like Miami and Hawaii also meant there was never a shortage of Mother Nature’s tropical beauty.

Performing a Special Tribal Dance in Hawaii

On a previous press tour, Dwayne Johnson ended up on Good Morning America one day. Here, he wanted to share something special with the cast and viewers at home. He introduced a group Tribal dance as a way to pay homage to his Polynesian roots. He and the rest of the dancers wear traditional Hawai’ian clothing in the video, fit with hair and neck accessories as well. They also wield fire, performing their ceremony right on the beach as the waves roll in and out.

Comments praise the star for uplifting the culture he inherited from his mother. One viewer writes: “I really like the dancing. Regardless of fame, Dwayne remembers his tradition.” You can catch their performance here: