Dwayne Johnson Reveals His Favorite Wrestlers of All Time

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney)

Though it may be difficult to make, I think it’s safe to say every wrestling fan has their list of favorite wrestlers. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is no exception to this and recently revealed his favorites in a completely and totally objective list.

The streaming network FITE recently posted an interesting question to Twitter, asking its followers who their “Mount Rushmore” was regarding professional wrestling. Fielding the question himself, Dwayne Johnson gave his response and fans are eating it up.

The legendary Hulk Hogan takes first with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin taking second. Ric Flair takes third (as he should), but interestingly enough, we have a tie for fourth place. Unable to narrow it down, Undertaker, Pat Patterson, and Jackie Fargo all somehow squeeze into the last spot. Not forgetting his own spot, Johnson notes “Dusty & myself are the back of Mt Rushmore droppin’ devastating elbows baby#peopleselbow#bionicelbow.”

Naturally, Dwayne Johnson’s followers have their own thoughts on the matter. “I feel like Andre has to be on there, he brought so so so so many fans to wrestling,” one user wrote. I’m inclined to agree with their sentiment, but you can only put four on the list. Unless you’re The Rock, of course.

“The fact that you don’t have Bret Hart there is a disgrace. Technically the best wrestler of all time!” wrote another. One of Johnson’s followers made a point of the lists so far didn’t have modern wrestlers. “Do you notice how nobody is putting any modern-day wrestlers in that list? Just more proof that wrestling is not what it used to be. Nobody today can compare to the legends of the past,” they said.

I don’t know, it’s just difficult to top The People’s Elbow, The Stone Cold Stunner, and The Ric Flair chop.

Tom Pritchard Discusses Talks About the Key to Dwayne Johnson’s Success

Dwayne Johnson quickly became a wrestling superstar, but who could have predicted his success there would lead him to where he is today? Apparently, Tom Pritchard had an idea and knew he had the capacity for greatness.

On the It’s My Wrestling podcast, former WWE wrestler Tom Prichard spoke about knowing if The Rock would become as big as he is today. “I don’t think anybody could have told you he was going to be this global superstar, but he had that drive, he had that thirst, and you have to have that, you’ve got to have confidence, you got to have drive, you’ve got to do whatever it takes,” he stated. “Rocky did whatever it takes and he capitalized on his opportunities.”

Indeed he did. In fact, Johnson’s new movie Red Notice just broke a huge record, so it’s safe to say things are going well for him.