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Dwayne Johnson Reveals Moment He Knew He Was a Success

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/WireImage via Getty Images)

 Over the years, we’ve learned that there isn’t much Dwayne Johnson can’t do. He started by playing football. Then, he gave that up for a career in pro wrestling. Eventually, he reached the WWF and became Rocky Miavia and later The Rock. There, he laid the smack down on countless jabronis and became the world’s best-loved heel. Finally, he put wrestling behind him. That’s when he got serious about acting. He has even released his own brand of tequila, Tera Mana. Today, if he’s not involved in a film project, he’s busy being a family man or just being a generally nice guy on social media.

Much like his character in the hit Disney film Moana, Dwayne Johnson can confidently look out over the world and say, “You’re welcome,” with confidence. He’s earned it. With a career that successful, it’s interesting to think about how he experienced the rise to fame that many of us witnessed. Recently, Johnson spoke to Vanity Fair. During that interview, the publication asked increasingly personal questions. At one point, they wanted to know when he knew that he was successful.

When Dwayne Johnson Realized He Was Famous

Vanity Fair asked, “When in your life did you realize that you’d made it?” The Rock took a long moment to think about this question. Then, he said, “Well, there was a moment when I first started my pro wrestling career. Of course, when you wrestle and you go to the venue, whether it’s at a flea market or whether it’s at an arena, everyone knows you there. So, the adulation is strong.” Being recognized in the ring isn’t what made him recognize his fame, though.

Dwayne Johnson continued, saying, “I had landed in some Midwest city and had to drive to another city. I was driving through a small town and stopped at a gas station. I got some gas and got some other things,” one of those other things was validation. While ringing him up, the clerk asked, “Are you The Rock?”

About the experience, Dwayne Johnson said, “It threw me because no one had ever recognized me outside of the world of pro wrestling, outside of the arenas.” He immediately said, “Yeah, I am The Rock.” Then, that loving spirit that we all know today came out. He started offering to sign autographs or take photos with the cashier. He was just excited to know that someone out in the “real world” recognized him. At that moment, he thought to himself, “Man, I think I made it as a pro wrestler. This person behind this counter at this cash register just asked me if I was The Rock.”

Usually, when people see Dwayne Johnson out and about they’re incredibly excited. However, in that interaction, The Rock might have been a little more pumped than the cashier.