Dwayne Johnson Reveals Secret to Decadent and ‘Infamous Rock Toast’

by Jonathan Howard

Sundays are special. They mean a lot to a lot of people. For Dwayne Johnson, Sundays mean cheat days and that means “ROCK TOAST.”

You know that if The Rock is going to do a cheat day, he is going to do it big. Johnson has long made headlines for his large and delicious-looking meals. When it comes to a big guy like him, he needs big meals. The caloric intake required to maintain those muscles must be insane.

One of the best things about Dwayne Johnson is the fact he is always positive, rarely negative. Not only does he share these wild meals with his fans on social media, he tells us how they are made and gives a little pep talk to boot. So, check that post out below and see it for yourself.

Warning, if you haven’t eaten yet, you might want to grab a snack or something. You will be hungry after seeing this.

All you need are a few pieces of brioche bread, four inches thick according to Dwayne Johnson himself. Dip those in his secret recipe french toast dip. I bet it’s just egg whites or something. He uses nutmeg. I don’t know. Then you need whip cream, toasted coconut chips, and top it off with a peanut butter and coconut maple syrup. Oh and wash it all down with a ZOA Energy Trop Punch drink.

“Rock Toast,” as the international superstar calls it looks insanely good. I’m not sure where to get four-inch-thick brioche, but I’ll ask at Kroger next time I go. Any chance that The Rock found a way to incorporate his Teremanna tequila in the recipe?

Getting Motivational with Dwayne Johnson

If you could get a pep talk from anyone in the world, tell me why you wouldn’t pick Dwayne Johnson. He has to be the top choice. In the WWE he owned the mic. No one could out promo the most electrifying man in sports entertainment.

“Don’t cheat yourself, my friends,” The Rock captioned his tasty post. “Treat yourself. Enjoy your cheat meals today – you’ve earned them!!!” Well, I mean if Rock says so… I guess I gotta do it.

Of course, Racquel Rockquemore-Breiz is the chef that cooks everything up. Also known as Chef Rocky, she keeps Dwayne Johnson fed and fueled. It can’t be easy to curate a meal around his diet. However, when it comes to cheat days, it has to make things a lot easier. It seems she understands that The Rock needs a meal fit for a former heavyweight champion of the world.