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Dwayne Johnson Reveals What He’s Really Afraid Of

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Aaron Davidson/Getty Images for HBO)

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is usually the one who inspires fear in others, especially during his WWE days. But what makes the actor feel afraid?

Johnson opened up to Vanity Fair in a recent video interview about matters that are very personal to him. At one point, the interviewer asked him that quintessential question, “What is The Rock afraid of?”

“The Rock is afraid of absolutely everything,” Dwayne Johnson replied. No explanations or clarifications. He could be talking about every physical thing on this planet, like snakes, or heights, or spiders. He could also be talking about emotional things, like being vulnerable, trusting others, and putting yourself out there.

Even someone as fearsome as The Rock can admit to not being brave all the time. That just makes him more human, and infinitely more relatable.

Going down that train of thought, the actor also talked about what being a man means to him. His answer held surprising depths about accountability and vulnerability.

“I think what it means to be a man is to be accountable, is to be accountable and stand up to the mistakes that you’ve made. It’s okay to f*** up, it happens to all of us,” Dwayne Johnson said. “And be open, rip yourself open, be vulnerable … You know the benefit of doing something like that is on the other side of that usually is some sort of progress, and how important that is.”

He continued, “A quality of being a man is doing what you say you’re gonna do and taking matters into your own hand sometimes. But if you look somebody in the eye, shake their hand, you give them a hug or you give them your word, it’s important to do it.”

Dwayne Johnson Gives His Honest Take on Dealing With Extreme Pressure

Dwayne Johnson gives his word to a lot of people, signing up for several projects in both acting and the entrepreneur business. He’s made a big name for himself in the last two decades, ad with that kind of notoriety comes a ton of pressure.

“I think the most important thing to remember when you’re dealing with extreme pressure, for me, is to stay calm. And — it’s in the calmness amidst the calamity that you’re going through, that you try to gain your clarity, and gain your focus because it helps you make that decision,” Johnson explained.

When Vanity Fair started asking Johnson about stress, he emphasized that he can only control his reactions to stressful situations.

“And I also found that I’m in a position these days, where, in a highly stressful situation, there are a lot of people who look to me, and my reactions to something, that will, in turn, inform how they respond, and how they react to the stress or the difficult scenario. So I try to keep those things in mind, try to remain calm, and make the best decision possible,” he concluded.