Dwayne Johnson Reveals Who He Looks Up to the Most

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)

Dwayne Johnson’s had many mentors over the years, as a wrestler and an actor. But who does he look to for guidance and wisdom these days?

The “Red Notice” star recently opened up to “Leo” in a Q&A session about himself as a person, actor, and wrestler. Some of the more insightful moments from the interview, Johnson chose to share on his Instagram page along with incredible photos from the outlet.

In one photo, Dwayne Johnson revealed who he looks up to, as an adult man. And the answer may surprise some folks, but it’s also an interesting and insightful way to look at role models.

“Who do I look up to?” Johnson begins in his caption. “To be honest, I don’t look up to anyone anymore.”

You read that right, Outsiders. But before you get too down, see what Johnson has to say about his history with role models and how he’s turned it into a positive for his life.

“I used to look up to my dad when I was a kid, but our relationship got complicated as I became a man.
Loved him. Just complicated,” Dwayne Johnson continued. “Of course, there are people who I love deeply, respect, admire and adore ~ children, wife, family, a few friends.”

The actor then dove into the meat of the question — the person he really turns to whenever he feels lost or confused.

“But these days I’ve learned the importance of reconciling and being good with the man in the mirror. The man in the mirror is the one who really knows my shit. The man in the mirror keeps me accountable,” Johnson said.

It’s a surprising but thoughtful way of looking at the question. It comes across less like Dwayne Johnson putting himself on a pedestal to be looked at, and more like Johnson preaching self-love and confidence in the decisions you make for yourself. That’s something we could also use a little more of, right?

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“Have fun” was at the top of the list, followed closely by “Work hard.” But as for the third piece of advice, I’ll let you see it for yourself in the caption below.