Dwayne Johnson Reveals Why He Doesn’t Have Six-Pack Abs

by Clayton Edwards

Dwayne Johnson is an all-around legend. He rose to fame in the WWE as Rocky Miavia. That character later turned heel and became The Rock, the moniker that sticks with him to this day. He was The People’s Champ, the most electrifying man in sports entertainment, and a fan favorite. However, his fame didn’t stop there. He transitioned from the world of professional wrestling to acting. At the same time, he started to engage more on social media. He proved that his days as a heel in the WWE were all an act. Many fans think of him as one of the most genuine people in Hollywood today. In fact, some even hope to see his name on a presidential ballot in the coming years.

Right now, though, Dwayne Johnson is focused on his acting career. He and Emily Blount star in the latest Disney release Jungle Cruise. To promote the family-friendly adventure flick, the pair are making the rounds and talking to different press outlets. As part of that press tour, they sat down with Wired. However, that publication doesn’t do traditional interviews. Instead, they have stars answer the internet’s most-asked questions about them.

It was during the Wired appearance that Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blount discussed the reason that Johnson doesn’t have a traditional six-pack stomach even though he is constantly in the gym.

What’s the Deal with Dwayne Johnson’s Abs?

Emily Blount revealed the internet’s final question. “What is wrong with the Rock’s abs?” They both got a huge laugh out of the question. Dwayne Johnson stopped laughing long enough to say, “That’s f-cked up!” His Jungle Cruise co-star agreed. “That is f-cked up! Who wrote that?” she laughed. Then added, “What is wrong with them?”

Dwayne Johnson assured Blount that there’s nothing wrong with his abs before explaining. “Here’s the thing,” he began. He went on to explain that people are caught up in what they see from Instagram fitness models. Johnson said that they all have “incredible six, eight, twelve, twenty-four pack stomachs.” He, on the other hand, has a “five-and-a-half pack. Sometimes it’s a four-and-a-half pack.”

Dwayne Johnson goes on to explain why he doesn’t have six-pack abs. He tore the top of his quad off of his pelvis in a wrestling match in 2013. That injury, he said, caused a chain reaction that tore his abdominal wall. As a result, he had to have emergency surgery to repair three different hernias caused by the original injury. That, the Rock says, is why he doesn’t have “perfect” abs.

 Dwayne Johnson noted that the pain he went through during that injury was unimaginable. Then, in his usual good-natured way, he suggested searching Google for “What did the Rock overcome,” instead of wondering what’s “wrong” with his abs.