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Dwayne Johnson Says He Spends Time on His Farm to Escape Fame

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Vera Anderson/WireImage

While it may seem hard to wrap our heads around, celebrities are in fact real people after all. For many, spotting a celebrity “out in the wild” can be like seeing a unicorn. For Hollywood A-list celebrity Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, he has a certain technique for trying to avoid the fuss of going out in public.

The trick is spending some valuable and relaxing time out on his farm.

Dwayne Johnson Hides on Farm for Personal Time

During an intimate interview with Vanity Fair, Dwayne Johnson answered a series of personal questions. One of which was whether or not he’s ever able to forget he’s a celebrity and live a “normal” life.

“Not really, no. you know I’m just I’m the size of a dinosaur. I’m as old as a dinosaur,” he said at one point.

To translate, Johnson is saying it’s pretty hard to get by without being recognized at this point. That is probably due to the billion-dollar movies he’s constantly a part of or even his past as a WWE wrestler. In all honesty, it also has to do with his hard-to-hide physique as well. They don’t call him “The Rock” for nothing.

“It’s not like I could put on a hat or glasses or hide or anything like that. So I’m… you know that the thought of anonymity and forgetting I’m a celebrity…. That’s gone out the window many many years ago. But, every once in a while, it’s nice when I can isolate myself either on my farm or certain places in the islands where I don’t see anyone and don’t interact with anybody except my family … those are nice times where, you know, you’re not reminded as often. But again, not a problem, not a problem. I’m not complaining,” he said during the interview.

In no way is Dwayne Johnson complaining about the fame, however. He shared the clip in an Instagram post. The “Jungle Cruise” actor said he just needs to keep his fame in constant “check and perspective.”

“You’ll never hear me complain about fame. It pays my bills and feeds my family. And it’s blessed me with global influence and reach. Keep it all in perspective,” he also noted in the post.

Dwayne Johnson as Popular DC Character

When it comes to calming his fame, playing a very popular DC Universe character is only going to make matters worse.

Dwayne Johnson signed on to play the popular comic book character “Black Adam” in the upcoming 2022 film. The action actor shared a sneak peek of his role on Instagram by saying, “[Black Adam] is ruthless … is unstoppable. He is the reason the hierarchy of power in the DC UNIVERSE is about to change. He is BLACK ADAM.”

Johnson went on to share a scene from the movie, which is in post-production. He shared that he believes he was “born to play Black Adam.” The DC character rides a thin line between fighting for good and not so good. In the clip, he does crumble someone with his bare hands, so take that as you will.