Dwayne Johnson Speaks on Embracing the ‘Old School Way of Business’

by Madison Miller

We may most know Dwayne Johnson for his skills as an action movie star in films like “Red Notice,” “Jungle Cruise,” “Skyscraper,” and “Rampage,” however The Rock also knows how to take care of his own business.

Johnson started out his career as one of the toughest wrestling figures in the ring. Suddenly, he realized just how well that toughness could translate into some iconic characters on the screen. In the process, he’s become a Hollywood A-list actor.

On the side, Johnson is a huge family man and spends a lot of time with his wife and daughters. He also is a successful entrepreneur, having started his own energy drink brand and tequila brand, for starters.

In a recent Instagram post, Dwayne Johnson shared the somewhat “old-fashioned” way he likes to take care of business. The photo was an extreme close-up of his hand, which is dry, callused, and covered in white chalk.

“Here we go. As sexy and as fuc*** up as these callused dinosaur hands look, I always say that my name at end of any contract I sign, doesn’t ‘bind the agreement.’ (though attorneys will disagree). The thing that binds our agreement is when I look you in the eye and we shake hands – that seals the deal. I was taught that ‘old school way of business’ a long long time ago,” Johnson wrote with the photo.

As always, Johnson makes it known that he is never afraid to put in limitless hard work. I mean, he even made a song about it. One person taunted him about that in the comments by writing, “It’s about drive it’s about power we stay hungry we devour.”

Dwayne Johnson is Making a Video Game Adaptation Movie

Recently, we’ve been no stranger to video game adaptations. Take, for example, the brand new “Uncharted” movie starring Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg.

In the past, Johnson starred in two of his own game adaptations — “DOOM” and the arcade game “Rampage.”

According to an interview with Men’s Journal, Dwayne Johnson confirmed that he is working to get another game adaption on the screen. He is hoping it will get announced later this year. He also shared that he believes it’s “one of the biggest, most badass games” that can possibly be made into a movie and it’s one he’s been a fan of for years.

“I can’t tell you which game in particular we’re doing, but there will be an announcement this year. I’m really excited to bring it to fans around the world. Of course we’re going to do right by our gamer friends—but really we’re just going to make a great movie,” Johnson said.