Dwayne Johnson Surprises Fans in the Best Way in Heartwarming New Clip: ‘One of the Cool Parts of Fame’

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by MEGA/GC Images)

Dwayne Johnson is a beloved celebrity, recognized for both his athletic career as well as his acting roles. Additionally, he’s expressly grateful for his fans and shares many videos on his Instagram page thanking them for all their love and support. In one of The Rock’s most recent posts, he shared a video of himself surprising some tour bus riders in his neighborhood with a truly unexpected appearance. Overall, the video and dialogue within is completely wholesome and completely Dwayne Johnson by nature.

“Hey, you guys know where I can find The Rock?” the celebrity jokes as he pulls up beside one of the many tour buses. His greeting is met with screams of surprise and excitement. And, in true Dwayne Johnson fashion, he rides up in his pickup truck.

“How you guys doing?” he asks, and the fans continue to cheer and take photos. “I’ll wait. I’ll wait, don’t worry,” Johnson laughed. The fans express their love for Johnson, taking photos as The Rock patiently waits for them to get all of their photos.

“That was fun,” he concluded, “that was a good way to start off my Saturday.”

Though honestly, I think those fans may have already had a better Saturday than The Rock.

Dwayne Johnson Highlights the ‘Moana’ Soundtrack as it Marked 52 Weeks at Number 1

Johnson is loveable for all of his comedic and wholesome roles in movies and TV shows. Most recently, the star shared in the excitement as the Disney film “Moana” soundtrack marked a record 52 weeks at number 1 on the Billboard Soundtracks chart. Johnson also shared that “Moana,” in which he starred as the voice of demi-god Maui, was officially ranked as the number 1 movie on Disney+ for 2020.

Nevertheless, the star, rather than highlighting his own accomplishments, spotlighted the role of songwriter and composer, Lin Manuel Miranda. “You’re one of one, my brother,” he writes.

Additionally, The Rock also pointed to the love he and the movie received from fans and families internationally. He concludes the post with, “a HUGE THANK YOU to all the families around the globe who made this happen – and listened to me sing in keys that don’t exist.” Always the comedian Johnson is.

Johnson’s starring role in “Moana” marked a major milestone in his career. However, his latest endeavor features the star in his latest film, “Jungle Cruise.” He remarked in his post that the movie, while it recently premiered, has already approached a staggering total of $100 million in box offices following its release.

Nevertheless, though incredibly remarkable, Johnson again credited his fans for the success of the movie. Additionally, he emphasized the safety of the audience’s health amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. “As you guys know, as long as we are fighting our way through Covid,” he shares, “I will always give you and your families the option to watch my movies however you’re most comfortable. Your families will always come first.”

Dwayne Johnson has always been a loveable actor and on-screen character. However, we can’t help but admire his dedication to fans and passion for work even more following his most recent post.