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Dwayne Johnson Surprises Fans on Celebrity Home Tour for Thanksgiving

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Josh Jacks/Star Max/GC Images)

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson certainly isn’t encouraging touring fans to visit his own home. But, the star still loves greeting them as their busses tour the city!

Dwayne Johnson has been making it a habit of pulling up next to tour busses near his home. All to surprise groups of unsuspecting visitors as they travel around town.

And, Johnson’s surprise appearances don’t stop just because it’s a holiday either. The popular movie star rolled up on a tour bus to surprise some unsuspecting fans Thursday afternoon on Thanksgiving Day.

It was a fun moment that the Red Notice star shared with his Instagram followers. He shocked some tourists as the star was riding around in his truck on his way to a pre-Thanksgiving feast workout.

“A lil’ Thanksgiving Star Tour Bus surprise…” Johnson shared on his Instagram Thursday afternoon.

As a number of the tourists are recording the exciting encounter this afternoon, Johnson inquires about whether or not they have driven past his own house during the Thanksgiving Day tour.

“Have you guys seen my house yet?” the former WWE star asks the group. They all respond “no,” but it’s hard to tell if the actor’s home was on their list of homes to tour that particular afternoon.

“Okay, cool,” Johnson responds.

“Keep it that way,” the movie star says with a grin.

Dwayne Johnson Makes Sure To Earn His Feast!

On his Thursday afternoon Instagram post, Dwayne Johnson made sure to wish his followers a happy holiday. Before the spectacularly muscled actor notes that he is on his way to tackle a workout before he dives into the Thanksgiving duties.

“Happy Thanksgiving you guys,” Johnson says at the end of his Instagram message.

“Enjoy my enjoy my hood,” the star continues. “And I’m gonna get after this workout before we feast.”

Of course, those following “The Rock” on Instagram know that this is certainly not the first time Dwayne Johnson has surprised fans with an unexpected drive-by.

Last September the former WWE superstar did the same thing, pulling up to a local tour bus, surprising all the fans on board.

“Hey, you guys know where I can find The Rock?” Dwayne Johnson quipped as he pulled alongside the tour bus in a September Instagram post.

“Pulled up beside another tour bus rollin’ thru my neighborhood,” Dwayne Johnson says in his comments.

“Good to put some smiles on people this 9/11 weekend,” the star continues. “Stuff like this will always be the best parts of fame.”

Of course, the movie star had to toss some humor in there playing on the “he was much smaller in real life” comment a lot of fans make after meeting a big celebrity.

“And make sure you guys go tell all your peeps back home that “The Rock is much smaller and not as good looking in person!!!”