Dwayne Johnson Will Get You Pumped for Team USA at Olympics

by Liz Holland

Dwayne Johnson is kicking off the Beijing Winter Olympics in a spectacularly unique way. The 49 year old actor will star in a movie titled “I Dare You,” created with the Olympics in mind.

The film will air directly before NBC’s primetime coverage of the Opening Ceremony. Johnson also narrates the intense film. The project portrays the bravery it takes for young-athletes to go after the highest-stakes competition there is in sports. As they face the added danger of snow and ice, their commitment is not to be taken lightly. The film hopes to excite audiences to support their U.S. athletes in one of the most important competitions there is.

“Our athletes representing Team USA at this year’s Winter Olympics are some of the most talented and determined men and women in the world,” Johnson said in a statement.

“They have dedicated their lives to their sport.. Pushing through injuries and personal setbacks, training through the toughest of conditions, to rise up and join the elite who have the opportunity to represent their country in the most iconic competition in the world,” he continues.

Dwayne Johnson Is ‘Honored’ in Presenting Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony

He added, “It’s my honor to once again be asked to participate in the presentation of the Opening Ceremony. And on behalf of our country, I will proudly introduce our U.S. Olympians to the world as they take that first step of defining their legacy.”

Johnson also introduced Team USA during NBC’s coverage of the Tokyo Olympic Games last summer. Additionally, he previewed which athletes to watch during the Tokyo Paralympic Games. 

At this year’s Winter Olympics, The U.S. Olympic team will consist of 222 athletes. There will be full-day coverage of the Opening Ceremony for the first time this year on NBC, beginning with a special live presentation beginning at 6:30am ET. The opening ceremony will take place February 4th, although competition begins February 3rd. 

“The Olympic Games showcases the best of humanity and sport competition, and Beijing 2022 will be no different. The 222 incredible athletes who make up Team USA are not only ready to compete, but they are ready to make this country proud,” USOPC CEO Sarah Hirschland said in a news release.

Johnson Says This Year’s Games Will Be Special

“The USOPC and the National Governing Bodies are committed to taking every step to keep our athletes safe, supported and championed as they live out their sporting dreams.”

Dwayne Johnson’s excitement for the festivities has been buzzing for quite some time. The former pro-wrestler took to Twitter earlier this week to share his gratitude.

“It’s truly my honor as a patriot, tequila drinker and fanny pack lover to be asked once again to represent our incredible US Olympic Athletes in our Opening Ceremony for the Olympic Winter Games. My love and respect goes deep and these games are going to be special,” he wrote. 

The Winter Olympics begin February 3rd, and the Paralympics on March 4th. You can watch both events on NBC, and stay tuned to Outsider for all the latest Olympic Games news.