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Dwayne Johnson’s Cheat Day Meal Will Make Your Mouth Water

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Barry Chin/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

Dwayne Johnson takes his cheat days just as seriously as his intense health and workout regimen. From sunup to sundown, the talented actor and tequila founder packs his Sundays full of carbs, fats and sugars so that he doesn’t have a single craving during the week.

This week, “The Rock” chose to start his day with a turkey sub from his favorite sandwich joint in LA as well as French toast made with four-inch brioche, peanut butter, blackberry jelly and maple syrup.

And he didn’t stop there. Once he was able to digest his humongous breakfast, Dwayne Johnson moved on to his second meal of the day, complete with two “Double bacon cheeseburgers with avocado [sic], tomato, onions, lettuce with fries & sweet potato fries.”

Of course, the meal wouldn’t be complete without a glass of the actor’s own tequila, Teremana, served the only way Dwayne Johnson knows how – on The Rock’s.

If you want to make your stomach growl, take a look at the photo below.

“Don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself my friends,” Johnson said in the caption of his breakfast post.

Our only question is, what was for dessert?

Dwayne Johnson Shares the Insane Amount of Calories He Consumes During the Week

As we can see from Dwayne Johnson’s posts on Sunday, cheat day means, go big or go home. And The Rock goes really big. But that doesn’t mean that he sticks to celery sticks and rice cakes all week long. The Rock eats five to seven meals a day, and usually, these are full of hearty grains, veggies and lots of protein. In a past interview with Delish, the actor revealed just how many calories he chows down on during the week. Remember, the typical diet for average Americans accounts for roughly 2,000 calories.

And as we know, Dwayne Johnson is no average American. To maintain his impeccable shape, The Rock has to consume 6,000 to 8,000 calories a day – and that’s between all of his intense workouts.

Besides his insane caloric intake, Johnson also revealed what his weekday meals usually comprise. For breakfast, he likes to have cream of rice or oatmeal with buffalo and eggs. Then during the day, he’ll snack on chicken, green veggies, and a bit of rice. After a workout, he immediately takes down a fast-digesting carb like sweet potatoes. And though he doesn’t like to, he’ll add some salmon into the mix every now and then. Even though he hates the taste of the pink seafood, he admitted that it’s “a great fish in terms of your health and fitness.”