Dwayne Johnson Is a ‘Bass Angler at Heart’ But Takes To the Stream To Try Fly Fishing

by Keeli Parkey

Dwayne Johnson is a Hollywood star who knows what it takes to get a job done. And, as his millions of fans are aware, the beloved 49-year-old actor has made his share of successful movies.

Away from the limelight and the Hollywood cameras, Dwayne Johnson finds ways to relax in nature. That’s the habit of any good Outsider, after all. One outdoor activity that he enjoys is fishing. And, while he prefers one fishing style over others, he isn’t opposed to trying new things.

The popular star talked about this in a social media post he shared this week. And, according to his post, he attempted something that he is doing his best to learn.

“Learning the precision, patience and mastery of fly fishing in the Rocky Mountains,” “The Rock” captioned a photo of him fly fishing in an absolutely stunning locale. It’s a place where any of us Outsiders would love to have the chance to spend time.

In his Instagram caption, Johnson also shared how his fishing trip went with followers on the popular social media platform.

“Caught a few, missed a few, but man these mountains give me energy, clarity and balance,” he also posted.

Johnson then explained that he had gained a new love for fly fishing. He said that he had previously spent his time bass fishing. However, during his trip to Montana, he discovered that fly fishing was a lot of fun.

“As many of you know, I’m a bass angler at heart, but I’ve got a new found respect for fly fishing ~ it’s a real art form. #MontanaMana,” Dwayne Johnson also shared on Instagram. You can check out his Montana fly fishing photo below.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Shows Off a Successful Catch from Bass Fishing Trip

As Dwayne Johnson shared on Instagram in August 2021, he really enjoys bass fishing. And judging by a post he shared in June 2021, he is pretty good at this outdoor hobby. This social media post was captured while Johnson was fishing on his farm.

In this post, the popular actor showed off a largemouth bass that weighed in the range of six to eight pounds.

The trip out to his farm was something he did in order to relax and have time with his family. It wasn’t all about bass fishing from his pond.

“So good to get away to my farm this past weekend to decompress, take mental inventory, and of course – spend time with my babies,” “The Rock” said in the video he posted during June 2021.

He also talked about how he developed a love of fishing at a young age.

“All my fish are fat, healthy, happy, and AGGRESSIVE TO EAT – like their owner. I fell in love with fishing when I was a little boy, so quiet time like this away from the noise means everything to me. Grateful. And a little reminder to all you guys of the importance of ‘self-care,'” Johnson said.