Ed Asner Dies: Remembering His Heartbreaking Tribute to Gavin MacLeod Who Also Passed Earlier This Year

by Joe Rutland

Ed Asner isn’t the only star from “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” cast to die this year. Asner’s tribute to Gavin MacLeod might make you cry.

Asner, who died on Sunday at 91 years old, offered some tender words when MacLeod died on May 29. His words to MacLeod, who played Murray Slaughter opposite Asner’s Lou Grant, also were a bit prophetic. Take a look at what Ed Asner posted on Twitter.

Ed Asner played Grant, the newsroom boss at WJM-TV in Minneapolis, Minn., on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show.” It was part of a Saturday night lineup on CBS that also included “The Bob Newhart Show,” also a half-hour comedy, and “The Carol Burnett Show,” an hour-long comedy-variety show.

Ed Asner Joined MacLoed In Making ‘Mary Tyler Moore Show’ Funny

But Ed Asner helped make “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” funny as did MacLeod. Their banter with Moore, along with having a little back-and-forth between themselves, provided laughs that people remember to this day. Slaughter was a news writer for the WJM news and, as we mentioned earlier, Asner was the boss overseeing both Moore’s Mary Richards and MacLeod’s character.

Moore was no stranger to starring in a sitcom. Obviously, she made her presence felt as Laura Petrie on the 1960s sitcom “The Dick Van Dyke Show.” But the chance came up for her to star in a 1970s sitcom where she played a single woman getting a job in a newsroom.

Moore and Asner worked well together and that pairing helped them, along with the show, to earn a lot of Emmy Awards.

Gavin MacLeod, for many people, is remembered for playing Captain Merril Stubing on ABC’s “The Love Boat.” After seven seasons with the Moore show and its ending, he would join that show run by executive producer Aaron Spelling. It would bring him a lot more success in his life post-Moore show. He died on May 29 at 90 years old.

With the death of Ed Asner, it leaves only Betty White from the original Moore show cast alive.

Other cast members besides Asner who have died include Moore, MacLeod, Cloris Leachman, Valerie Harper, Georgia Engel, and Ted Knight.

Comedy Actor Won Numerous Emmys For Work On 2 Different Shows

Asner was able to win some Emmy Awards in his career. With the Lou Grant character, he took it and turned it from comedy into drama on “Lou Grant.” He played a guy running a newspaper’s newsroom for a dramatic turn.

He won seven Primetime Emmy Awards, according to IMDb. Right now, that’s the most Emmys a single male actor has won from the television academy.

Ed Asner won Emmys for playing Lou Grant in both “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” and “Lou Grant.”