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Eddie Van Halen’s Incredibly Cool 1934 Ford Goes Up for Auction

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Paul Natkin/Getty Images

One lucky buyer could travel like a rock star. The late Eddie Van Halen’s classic 1934 Ford is currently up for auction for any fans and car aficionados out there. The piece of rock and roll history is for sale.

Van Halen owned a 1934 Ford Sedan, worthy of any great 1980s musician. The car is iconic from its red hot rod color scheme to its supercharged 350 cubic-inch Chevy V8. The vehicle features several enhancements not originally found in the make of that year. For instance, it has a four-speed Hydramatic automatic transmission. It also features power steering and windows, air conditioning, and a fully independent suspension as well.

The inside features everything a car lover could want. The floor and ceilings of Van Halen’s car are trimmed in leather and suede for instance. There’s also a hidden smartphone-compatible radio in the car. But from the outward appearance, the audio system keeps its vintage look.

The car is currently for auction the Gotta Have It Rock And Roll online auction site. Van Halen first bought the car back in 1991. But he later sold the vehicle a few years back. In 2017, it sold for auction for $88,000. But the auction house is estimating an increase in value.

The auction house estimated the vehicle will sell between $150,000 to $200,000. Currently, no one has bid on the car with two days to go in the auction. For one, the auction house is also throwing in some Van Halen merchandise as well. They are giving a Fender Stratocaster, autographed by the original band, and an autographed photo of the musician as well to the buyer.

Eddie Van Halen Passed Away

For fans of the musician, the vehicle would be a perfect means of transportation. It would also be a way to remember the late, great musician. Eddie Van Halen passed away last October following a battle with throat cancer. The musician was 65-years-old at the time of his death.

Van Halen battled cancer for years before succumbing to his ailment. He died surrounded by his family and loved ones. Many consider the musician to be one of the greatest guitarists to ever pick up a pick. His work on the instrument inspired countless musicians to follow in his footsteps. As the frontman of Van Halen, his music helped to define the 1980s.

In addition to his music ability, Eddie Van Halen also had plenty of style based upon his choice of transportation.