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Eddie Van Halen’s Son Wolf Blasts People Who Bully Others Off of Social Media

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Daniel Knighton/Getty Images

Eddie Van Halen’s son Wolf is coming after the bullies of Twitter. The musician blasted online users for using the platform for both harassment and bullying.

Wolf Van Halen is coming to the defense of people who’ve been bullied off social media, specifically Chrissy Teigen. Van Halen name-dropped Teigen after she recently deleted her social media account.

On Twitter, he wrote, “People celebrating that they bullied Chrissy Teigen off Twitter is why this website f–king sucks. I just don’t understand the need to harass and hate someone on this hell hole when you could easily just fill your time with something else.”

Cyberbullying has been an issue of the 21st Century digital era. Being always connected has both its advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes people may say things online that they would never say in public. As Van Halen said, users will quickly target a subject like a digital swarm of bees.

According to Variety, Teigen recently deleted her Twitter handle after more than a decade on the site. In a series of tweets, she listed years of various harassment and abuse on social media as the reason. Teigen said she felt tired of the site now. But the last straw came after online users targeted her for partnering with Kris Jenner on plant-based cleaning projects. The partnership received immense online criticism as a result. And Teigen closed her Twitter for good.

Eddie Van Halen’s Son Criticizes Social Media

Wolf Van Halen says he is no fan of the Kardashians. But the musician mentions he isn’t going to give them the mental bandwidth by hating them. Van Halen said he chooses to ignore the family and any news about them rather than trying to attack them on social media.

“For example: I could not give less of a s–t about the Kardashians,” he wrote. “So (get this) I ignore them. I don’t tweet at them every day hoping to hurt their feelings or some dumb shit. What’s the f–kin’ point?”

He asked his followers to help stop the bullying and criticize Twitter as a place that harbored online harassment and intimidation.

“If I hate something, I just… ignore it and fill my time with something else instead of trying to bully it until it goes away. Why did this s–t become so normal? Shit’s f–kin’ dumb, man,” he continued.