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Eddie Van Halen’s Son Wolf Fires Back at Online Critics Giving Him ‘Unsolicited Advice’

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Michele Eve Sandberg/Corbis via Getty Images)

Once again, iconic guitarist Eddie Van Halen’s son, Wolfgang, is on the defense because of online critics dishing out unsolicited advice.

The former Van Halen bassist has called out his critics before, especially on Twitter. He frequently has to defend his solo music career. Some ridiculous Van Halen fans seem to think Wolf is supposed to be Eddie Van Halen 2.0. Yes, he took over as the bassist for the band when he was just a teenager. Yet just because Wolf is Eddie’s son, doesn’t mean he’s a reincarnated version of his dad.

As talented as the musician is, his late father was a guitar virtuoso. Wolfgang isn’t trying to recreate Van Halen’s legendary rock sound from the ’70s and ’80s. He’s trying to make his own mark by being himself, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

In addition, he’s had to defend Eddie Van Halen’s legacy since he sadly passed away at the age of 65 in October. Recently, two women appeared in a YouTube video claiming to have psychic powers. The account claimed to have an “afterlife interview” with Eddie Van Halen, but Wolf wasn’t going to let it slide. He called them out on it.

“If you follow me and believe that my father visited some “psychic” youtuber b—h from the afterlife to talk about if he liked animals or not, please unfollow me and seek medical attention,” Wolf tweeted over the weekend.

Now, a couple days later, he’s still defending himself against people online. This time he’s taking aim at Twitter accounts likely used for online trolling as they hide behind a generic profile picture and name. Wolf joked that he’ll make sure to follow their “unsolicited advice on how to live” his life.

Eddie Van Halen’s Son Blasts ‘Factually Wrong’ Critics of His New Music

Wolfgang may have toured the world playing live shows with his dad, Eddie Van Halen, and his famous band for years. The pedigree of his musicianship is obviously top-notch. However, that doesn’t stop fans from constantly criticizing his solo material, which is under the name Mammoth WVH – a nod to Van Halen’s original band name.

Unfortunately for Wolf, the comparisons to Eddie and his music may hover over him for the rest of his music career. Yet you can’t blame the young musician for firing back at people who criticize his music.

Not long ago, he defended a specific criticism from fans and promptly shut it down. Some Twitter users accused Wolf of using programmed digital drums on his new record, instead of recording rhythms on an actual drum set.

Wolf blasted the assumptions as “factually wrong.” Additionally, since he’s only released two singles so far, he asked fans to at least wait until the full album comes out before they condemn it.

“It’s fun when people’s opinions on why things are bad are literally just factually wrong,” Wolfgang Van Halen tweeted.

“Only 2 songs are out, can y’all at least wait for the whole thing to s–t on it? Gracias,” he added.