Eddie Van Halen’s Son Wolf Speaks Out on Comparisons to His Late Rock Icon Father

by Chris Haney

Over the weekend, guitar virtuoso Eddie Van Halen’s son, Wolfgang, spoke out on being compared to his late rockstar father.

During a Twitter exchange with a fan on Saturday, Wolf addressed being perpetually weighed up to his famous dad. Van Halen’s son is also a talented musician, which comes as no surprise considering just how talented his father was as well. In fact, Wolf took over as the bassist for his dad’s legendary rock band Van Halen at just 15 years old.

Recently, Wolf branched out on his own to work on a solo album under the name Mammoth WVH. The name is a nod to Van Halen’s original band name Mammoth. He’s already released two singles off the upcoming album, including “You’re To Blame” and “Distance,” which is a tribute song to his late father. The full album is scheduled for release later this summer. However, even while going solo, music fans always seem to compare the father-son duo.

A Twitter user acknowledged that Wolf is just starting out on his own musically. He said that fans should give his music a chance before judging or comparing to Van Halen. He told the musician to “just be yourself, as you are doing” before adding another father-son comparison. The fan mentioned that Hank Williams Jr. had the same problems being compared to his dad Hank Williams. But he eventually found success in the music industry on his own terms.

“Lol I can’t even imagine how much worse it would be if my name was ‘Edward Van Halen Jr,'” Wolf joked in his reply.

“But people still compare every single thing I do to my father’s accomplishments anyway. So I guess it doesn’t really matter haha,” he added along with an amusing GIF of actor Jason Segel shrugging.

Eddie Van Halen Was a ‘Terrible Teacher’

Following his dad Eddie Van Halen’s death, Wolfgang has opened up and shared some great stories about his late father. One of those in recent months included Wolf revealing that his dad wasn’t the best guitar teacher.

In December, the youngest Van Halen joined “The Afternoon Program” on 102.9 The Hog in Milwaukee, WI. During their conversation, they talked about his new solo project Mammoth WVH, and his first single “Distance.”

In addition, he also spoke about his famous father who just so happened to be a guitar genius. Yet Wolf admitted that his dad’s incredible musical talent didn’t exactly transfer to teaching that ability to his son. Eddie Van Halen’s son even went as far as calling his dad a “terrible teacher.” Supposedly, Wolf basically taught himself how to play without his father’s help.

“He didn’t teach me how to play guitar, he was a terrible teacher. He only taught me how to do power chords on a guitar, and then I taught myself,” Wolfgang explained while laughing.

Wolfgang said that his dad struggled to simplify his playing. The instrument came so easily to the guitar god that he couldn’t understand why others couldn’t immediately play like him.

“I would ask him how to play something, and then he would just be himself, which is be a legendary guitar player. He couldn’t really help me connect point A to point B. He would just do it and go, ‘Do this,’ because it’s so easy for him. And I would just laugh and be, like, ‘Okay,’” Wolfgang joked.