Eddie Van Halen’s Son Wolf Van Halen Speaks Out on What He Considers a Total ‘Copout’ at Live Shows

by Jacklyn Krol

Wolf Van Halen spoke out about copouts when it comes to live music.

The Mammoth WVH frontman spoke to Ultimate Classic Rock about what it takes to perform a concert. Part of that is not including one thing.

“I think it’s a copout to use tracks, unless it’s like, for a keyboard part that you can’t necessarily get,” he said.

Van Halen said that he doesn’t appreciate when a backing track is playing with guitars used in it, instead of using real guitars.

“I think that’s lame as hell,” he continued. “I think you should just stay home and listen to shit on Spotify if they’re going to play to tracks like that.”

When it comes to his band’s live shows, they’re 100% live. You can currently catch his band opening for Guns N’ Roses.

“It feels really badass to be like, we don’t have to f–kin’ sit there with tracks,” he added. “We’re just straight-up doing it. I think it’s important. It’s certainly not perfect all of the time. That’s the point of live performance. It ebbs and flows.”

Wolf Van Halen received a bit of backlash and criticism on social media. Some people called his comments “controversial.” He addressed it in a tweet.

Ambient stuff or a keyboard part or something? That’s fine. Lead vocals and main guitar parts? That’s lame as hell + a copout. I’m there to see a band play LIVE. Is this really a controversial opinion?” he tweeted.

His backing band is filled with legendary rockers. You’ll recognize guitarists Jon Jourdan and Frank Sidoris from Slash. He also recruited Falling in Reverse bassist Ronnie Ficarro. Finally, Garrett Whitlock (Tremonti) on drums.

Wolf Van Halen On Touring

Wolf Van Halen has a special piece of his dad on stage. His unique pedalboard was used by his father, which he confirmed in a tweet.

“Fun fact: it was gonna take too long to build a pedalboard from scratch (because we started late in rehearsals),” he wrote. “So my board is the same one my dad had made/used for the Cafe Wha? show in 2012, because he needed a smaller one. Happy it’s with me.”

Opening up for such a legendary rock band has been somewhat of a dream come true for Wolf Van Halen. He is playing the music off of his self-titled record released earlier this year.

“I just want to thank all of you guys, and Guns N’ Roses, for this wonderful opportunity,” Wolf Van Halen told an audience according to Penn Live.

In a similar fashion, he thanked Guns N’ Roses in a tweet after the first concert in Pennsylvania.

“Hershey was incredible. Thanks to everyone in the @gunsnroses camp for having us out. It’s an absolute honor to be here,” he wrote with a praying hands emoji.