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Eddie Van Halen’s Son, Wolf, Takes Aim at Critics Complaining about His Tweets in Profanity-Laced Rant

by Charles Craighill
(Photo by Daniel Knighton/Getty Images)

Wolf Van Halen, the multitalented musician and son of famous rocker Eddie Van Halen has let his Twitter fingers fly. In the past couple of hours, the former Van Halen bassist clapped back at some Twitter users criticizing his Tweets. He gave those fans a piece of his mind in a recent, somewhat profane Tweet.

“Yo it’s so much easier to unfollow me than complaint like this,” Wolf Van Halen responded to a Tweet about his Twitter use. “So kindly f–k off if you feel this way, Twitter homies. I’m literally just using the app, and will continue to do so ya cranky f–kers.”

While Wolf’s Tweet may be a bit of an overreaction, you have to understand where he is coming from. Like many millennials and members of Gen Z, Wolf Van Halen does use Twitter quite a bit. As an artist and someone with an active social life, Twitter and social media are quite important to stay engaged, both with fans and friends.

Unfortunately, Wolf Van Halen has faced negativity for his Twitter use by some of his fans. As he points out, Twitter is a platform for anyone to use however they want to. His Twitter use is, after all, completely up to him.

Wolf Van Halen Clarifies his Twitter Rant

After absolutely roasting some of his chirping fans on Twitter, Wolf Van Halen made sure to clarify what he meant in his Twitter commentary. Following his big response to a fan, Wolf continued to get after his critics. “Do what I want on this free app because I said so,” he mocked in one Tweet. “He posts whatever he wants on that social media app where you can post whatever you want also the cold weather hurts my bones,” he continued.

After those somewhat confusing string of Tweets, Wolf Van Halen made sure to clarify his target. He responded to one of those jabs with a more explanatory Tweet to reiterate his frustration.

“This is making fun of the fact that most people who tend to get upset with me on this app are older folk,” Wolf Van Halen clarified. “You are afraid of the internet BUT if you ARE older and follow me and realize that I can post whatever I want on MY account, know that I appreciate you. Have a nice day.”