Eddie Van Halen’s Son Wolf Takes Major Shot at Plotline of Classic Disney Movie

by Madison Miller

Eddie Van Halen’s son, Wolf Van Halen, is no stranger to haters and backlash on social media.

The rocker is constantly responding back to hate comments and stirring up social media drama. This time, however, Wolf is the one hating on something.

Wolf Van Halen was once a part of the popular rock band Van Halen alongside his father Eddie, who passed away in October 2020. He started playing the bass for the band in 2006 when he replaced Michael Anthony.

Wolf Van Halen Talks ‘101 Dalmatians’

After Eddie Van Halen’s death, the group disbanded and Wolf started his own solo band called Mammoth WVH. Normally, his Twitter is a place where he talks about his music and his father, but it seems like something else rubbed him the wrong way.

That is, the classic Disney movie, “101 Dalmatians.”

He took to Twitter to write, “So you’re trying to tell me the reason why Cruella De Vil wants to wear dogs is because the dogs pushed her family off a cliff? I just had to say it out loud because I can’t believe it. Like… she wants to SKIN puppies. And we’re supposed to just give her a pass.”

One person responded to his tweet with a hilarious photo of his very cute, yet very angry, dalmatian.

Cruella de Vil is making a comeback in the new Disney movie “Cruella,” which was recently released. The movie stars Emma Stone as the evil “101 Dalmatians” villain. She also stars alongside Emma Thompson, Joel Fry, Paul Walter Hauser, and Emily Beecham.

The movie is set during the punk rock movement of the 1970s, something that Wolf Van Halen could possibly appreciate. It revolves around an aspiring fashion designer named Estella Miller. She slowly becomes the fashion designer known as Cruella de Vil. The movie had the first major red carpet event since COVID-19 in Los Angeles.

Emma Stone wasn’t surprised by just how evil her character was. After all, the villain doesn’t exactly get the spotlight during the original children’s movie.

“I thought that this was a really exciting and interesting reimagining of a character that we feel like we know on a surface level. It was fun to go deeper into what makes her tick and what makes her so evil,” Emma Stone told Variety.

So, it’s definitely acknowledged now that Cruella de Vil is evil. It is most certainly not given a pass as Wolf Van Halen suggests.

Response To Recent Twitter Haters

When it comes to haters online, Wolf Van Halen always responds to people saying negative things about himself or his late father.

Recently, someone online said something about his family’s music not being “contaminated” enough. The person has since deleted their tweet and blocked Wolf.

Wolf wrote on Twitter, “How interesting the unwarranted advice and guidance I receive daily from people who think they know more about my life than I do.”

While someone else told him not to respond to the “bullies,” Wolf Van Halen seems to like the rush of it. He responded, “I’m having fun.”