Eddie Van Halen’s Son Wolf Fires Back at Critic Slamming His Music in Profanity-Laced Tweet

by Madison Miller

Wolfgang Van Halen, legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen’s son, is no stranger to firing back at critics. He’s certainly not shy or non-profane about it either.

While many musicians and celebrities try to just ignore criticism and hate, Wolf Van Halen walks right into the fire.

Most recently, he responded to a fan that sent him a confusing hate message. The tweet is now unavailable. However, Van Halen said the individual wrote something about the Van Halen family’s music not being “contaminated” enough.

He then shared an image of that Twitter user blocking him. He continued his rant and said, “How interesting the unwarranted advice and guidance I receive daily from people who think they know more about my life than I do.”

Another Twitter user responded to the whole situation by writing, “Do not enable the bullies. If they know you respond, they will continue to crawl out of their holes to bask in the attention they seem to crave so badly…”

As per usual, Wolf Van Halen isn’t ready to leave the internet hate and commentary alone. He responded, “Good. I’m having fun.”

It’s all in the day’s work for rocker Wolf Van Halen.

Wolf Uses Eddie Van Halen Guitar

When he’s not responding to hate related to himself and his father on social media, Wolf Van Halen is working on his own new music.

In the last few years, Wolf has started his own one-man-band called Mammoth WVH. Van Halen split up after Eddie Van Halen tragically passed away from a stroke in October 2020.

He has announced that his self-titled album will be released in full on June 11, which is now right around the corner. Fans of his know what to expect to some degree given the singles he’s already released. That includes “Distance,” “You’re to Blame,” “Don’t Back Down,” “Think It Over,” “Feel,” and “Mammoth.”

Fans can also hear the connection between father and son on the upcoming album. Partially due to Wolf’s incredibly high praise and respect for Eddie Van Halen, but also the guitar he enlisted to record with.

Wolf is using the classic Frankenstrat for solos on his upcoming album.

“You feel the history. It’s kind of terrifying holding it, just because arguably it is the most famous guitar in musical history. It’s definitely quite the thing to hold it,” Wolf Van Halen said to Total Guitar.

Eddie Van Halen built that guitar himself back in the 1970s. When they originally pulled it out of the safe a few years ago, Eddie Van Halen picked it up and casually strummed on it. He nonchalantly just threw it back down, saying it sounded about the same.

“To Dad, it’s just a little piece of junk that he built himself, but to us it’s the most famous thing in the world,” Wolf Van Halen said.

Now, that very same hand built and hand-loved guitar will find a new home on the Mammoth WVH album.