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Eddie Van Halen’s Son Wolf Fires Back at People Saying He Looks Like His Parents

by Suzanne Halliburton
Photo by Michele Eve Sandberg/Corbis via Getty Images

Wolf Van Halen has jokes. He was trotting them out on Twitter Saturday night, but some of his followers were missing the point.

You know Wolf Van Halen. He’s the son of the late Eddie Van Halen and actress Valerie Bertinelli.

He posted: “’OMG you look so much like your parents!’ Yes… they’re my parents. That’s how biology works. Why do you keep telling me this.”

The younger Van Halen is two days short of his 30th birthday. He lost his father, Oct. 6. Eddie Van Halen, the main guitarist and songwriter for the legendary rock group Van Halen, fought throat cancer for years. His cause of death was listed as a stroke.

Does Wolf Van Halen Look Like Perfect Mix of His Famous Parents? Fans Think So

According to fans, Wolf Van Halen looks like the perfect mix of both his parents. Valerie Bertinelli was one of the stars of One Day at a Time, the popular 70s sitcom.

As his followers began telling him, again, how much he looks his his famous parents, Wolf Van Halen then needed to clarify.

“It’s a joke,” he posted.

And again he posted: “Seriously, I don’t know how comedians do it on social media. I can’t even be sarcastic without someone having a problem let alone make a joke.”

Wait, there was more. He wrote: “Note to self: don’t make jokes.” And there was this: “I’ve been myself for as long as I can remember and that hasn’t changed s**t lol.”

Wolf Van Halen was trading barbs with his followers hours before. Bertinelli had quote tweeted about an event, saying that two months after it happened, Wolf was conceived. The younger Van Halen has more than 294,000 followers on Twitter, so the action can get rapid fire.

He posted: “Yes, I am aware I was conceived before I was born. That’s like.. how life works. You realize I’m an adult male capable of doing math, right?”

Wolf Van Halen is following in the family footsteps. He also used his Twitter account to hype his latest work. His new, one-man band is a nod to his roots. It’s called Mammoth WVH. Mammoth was the name of Eddie Van Halen’s first band. And WVH are Wolf’s initials. The album is self titled.

Fans can now preorder his upcoming album that will be released June 6. Buying now will automatically unlock two songs, Distance and You’re to Blame.