Eddie Van Halen’s Son Wolf Gears Up for First-Ever Show With His Band in New Pics

by Madison Miller

Wolf Van Halen has gone from a bassist for Van Halen, alongside his late father Eddie Van Halen, to now being the frontrunner of his own up-and-coming band, Mammoth WVH.

The debut album for the group came out on June 11, 2021. Now, Wolf and the rest of the group are gearing up for a tour to share their all-new music with the world in a live, riveting experience.

Wolf Van Halen First Show

Mammoth WVH’s very first show is in Lawrence, Kansas on July 27th. He’ll follow that up with different appearances in Boston, Cleveland, Detroit, Los Angeles, Portland, Las Vegas, Dallas, and a lot more locations throughout the U.S. His tour appears to stretch all the way through October.

On Instagram, Wolf Van Halen showed some pictures behind the scenes of his first show tonight. He wrote, “First @MammothWVH show ever tonight!” The first show is already sold out.

The tour has seven headline shows. The other shows are Guns N’ Roses and Mammoth WVH shows.

Release Of Album And Creating The Band

After releasing his debut album, Wolf Van Halen soared to the top of Billboard’s Top Rock Albums and Hard Rock Albums charts. It was the second time he visited the charts, the first being when he played bass on “A Different Kind of Truth” in 2012 for Van Halen.

The album has seen massive success. For Wolf Van Halen, it’s a passion project, so the success of the project means everything to him.

“I’m so proud of this record and have never worked harder on anything in my life. This is only the beginning. Thank you for being a part of this journey with me,” Wolf Van Halen said to Billboard.

If you’re planning on seeing Wolf Van Halen on tour, he will not be alone. Technically in the studio, Van Halen is a one-man-band. He wrote, played, and sang each song on the debut album. However, on the road, he is bringing along guitarists Frank Sidoris (Slash’s Conspirators) and Jon Jourdan (To Whom It May), bassist Ronnie Ficarro (Falling In Reverse), and drummer Garrett Whitlock (Tremonti).

“I want us to be viewed as a band rather than a solo project. Growing up I always liked the name of Mammoth and I vowed to use it later in life. For those that don’t know it’s what Van Halen were called before becoming Van Halen. My dad was Mammoth’s singer, so that also makes me feel like a kindred spirit,” Wolf Van Halen said to Louder in a recent interview.

He’s making it clear that keeping his father’s legacy and impact alive is very important to him. The first song people heard was “Distance,” a song dedicated to his father. “And I’m always here to protect my dad’s legacy,” the rocker admitted.