Edward Norton Blasts Donald Trump for Not Conceding Election: Says He’s Creating ‘Chaos & Anxiety’

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Edward Norton urges Americans to call Donald Trump’s “bluff” in regards to the presidential election. In a series of tweets, the “Fight Club” actor blasted Trump for not conceding the election. Norton says Trump is creating both “chaos and anxiety.”

After a prolonged election, officials declared Joe Biden the president-elect after he won key battleground states like Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Georgia. Since then, Trump has refused to concede the election to Biden, believing it was stolen from him. Trump is holding out hope that legal cases will overturn the election results, but so far, they’ve seemingly failed to do so.

Edward Norton Criticized Donald Trump

Now, Norton is criticizing Trump for sowing what he believes is doubt that will harm both the electoral system but also the democratic nature of America. The actor wrote, “I’m no political pundit but I grew up w a dad who was a federal prosecutor. And he taught me a lot and I’ve also sat a fair amount of poker w serious players. And I’ll say this: I do not think Trump is trying to ‘make his base happy’ or ‘laying the groundwork for his own network.'”

“Or that ‘chaos is what he loves,'” Norton continued. “The core of it is that he knows he’s in deep, multi-dimensional legal jeopardy. And this defines his every action. We’re seeing 1) a tactical delay of the transition to buy time for coverup & evidence suppression. 2) above all, a desperate endgame which is to create enough chaos and anxiety about the peaceful transfer of power. And fear of irreparable damage to the system, that he can cut a Nixon-style deal in exchange for finally conceding.”

Norton Compared Trump’s Concession to a Poker Game

The actor continued to criticize Trump and his actions comparing them to a poker match. He insisted that the president is playing a “bluff” in an attempt to draw out the election. He urged the public to call the president out on his actions.

“But he doesn’t have the cards. His bluff after ‘the flop’ has been called in court,” Norton wrote.

In a separate tweet, Norton attacked Trump’s character, comparing him to the Grinch from the Dr. Seuss book “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” He wrote, “I will allow that he’s also a whiny, sulky, petulant, Grinchy, vindictive little 10-ply-super-soft b—h who no doubt is just throwing a wicked pout fest & trying to give a tiny-hand middle finger to the whole country for pure spite, without a single thought for the dead & dying.”

Norton also said he believes the country’s “institutions and founding principles” will survive Trump’s exit from office.