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Ellen DeGeneres Show Wins People’s Choice Award Amid Controversy, Social Media Loses It

by Kayla Zadel
(Photo by Christopher Polk/E! Entertainment/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Ellen DeGeneres is taking home more than an award after winning a People’s Choice Award. She’s getting a side of some unwanted backlash on Twitter.

Ellen DeGeneres took the stage thank her staff and fans for hanging with her throughout the controversy that’s been surrounding her daytime talk show. The TV-show host accepted her award for best daytime talk show in-person at the hybrid ceremony and then gave an acceptance speech.

DeGeneres’s speech starts with thanking her fans and staff from the bottom of her heart. “I am not only accepting this award for myself, I’m accepting it on behalf of my amazing crew, my staff who make the show possible,” she says.

“They show up every single day, they give 100% of themselves, 100% of the time. That’s 250 people, times 170 shows a year, times 18 years, if you carry the 2 and divide it by 11… my point is, I love them all and I thank them for what they do every single day to help that show be the best that we try to make it every single day,” the comedian finished with.

Ellen DeGeneres Receives Social Media Backlash for Award

After the award for the best daytime talk show was given to DeGeneres, those that did not agree with the selection took to Twitter to share their disdain.

One user writes, “And the bully of the year award goes too (sic)… This award sends a message that bullying is okay. The hypocrisy!”

As a matter of fact, another user points out the reports that surfaced earlier this year about the DeGeneres show workplace atmosphere.

Furthermore, this tweet questions who votes, and maybe even alluding to how the votes were counted.

The Talk Show Controversy

DeGeneres has been under fire for a toxic work environment. These allegations come from staff members and several former guests of the show. They’ve noted that she was hesitant to make eye contact and rude. Many question if this behavior of her public persona is any indication of her real-life attitude.

In addition to the toxic workplace, sexual misconduct allegations surround the talk show producers.

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