Ellen Degeneres Shows Love to Dolly Parton in Latest Post

by Clayton Edwards

Just about everyone loves Dolly Parton. In her latest Twitter post, Ellen Degeneres proved that Emmy-winning talk show hosts are no exception.

This wouldn’t be a surprise to frequent viewers of Degeneres’ show. Dolly has graced her stage more than once and watching them interact is like watching two old friends chat.

Furthermore, Dolly has been making some big moves lately.

She has a Christmas special coming out on CBS as well as a Holiday film set to hit Netflix just in time for the season. She has also made large financial contributions to Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine. Parton has a long history of philanthropy as well as family entertainment. So, these new developments aren’t out of character for the country music icon. In short, it’s easy to see why people love Dolly and why Ellen is professing that love now.

Birds of a Feather

Ellen Degeneres and Dolly Parton have more in common than some people my think. It goes beyond being bubbly, blonde, award-winning entertainers. Ellen has an impressive history of philanthropy. Not only does she donate to several charities but also uses her show as a platform for those in need. While they vary in the charities to which they donate, the passion for giving back is a unifying factor.

They also have a way of inspiring others to give. This year, Ellen Degeneres, along with her wife Portia de Rossi, gave a million-dollar donation to the All-In Challenge. She also promised to choose one lucky fan to host an episode of her show if they donated to the initiative as well. Likewise, in 2016 Dolly hosted a telethon to benefit the survivors of wildfires in her home state of Tennessee.

Both Degeneres and Parton seem to have a love for Christmas as well. Dolly has several Christmas albums and movies. Ellen has been doing “12 Days of Giveaways” on her show for several years. In their own way, they give gifts to their fans every year.

In short, Ellen isn’t alone in her love for Dolly Parton.