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Ellen Tweet Ages Poorly, Twitter Users React

by Caroline Bynum
(Photo Credit : Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images)

After much scrutiny in the recent news, Ellen DeGeneres has now gone viral for a tweet she posted in 2009.

The tweet seems to brag about making an employee cry and stating “it felt good.” This follows allegations of poor work place environment including sexual misconduct and racism.

While the tweet dates back eleven years, Twitter users are having a field day sharing their reactions to the post.

Reactions From Twitter Users

One user replied with a humorous video, joking that they “caught” Ellen.

Two users interacted in the comments, with the first replying to Ellens tweet, simply, “You did what?” In response, a second user sarcastically paraphrased Ellen’s tweet. The replies have 2k and 3.8k ‘likes’, respectively.

Another user admitted to being glad they saw the post before it was sure to be deleted. Many users assume the celebrity will be deleting the incriminating tweet soon.

Multiple verified accounts retweeted the tweet on Tuesday. FreezingColdTakes, an account with over 400k followers, retweeted with the caption a mere “🤔 ” emoji. The account @Betches retweeted adding a comment of “that didn’t age well.” to their over 200k followers. Another verified user, Jack Mull, is sure Ellen will be deleting the post soon as well. He retweeted the post to more than half a million followers. He cleverly captioned it, “Cant wait for this to be ‘tweet not found’.”

The post continues to rack in retweets and comments from users, keeping the old tweet on many timelines.

Other Users Defending Ellen

Others stood up for the comedian. Lisa Vanderpump, known for her appearance on Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, defended Ellen in a tweet on Tuesday. A fan account prompted Vanderpump’s post by tagging her in a reply to the 2009 tweet from Ellen.

Her acquaintances want to make it clear the tweet is about an incident in which someone was crying tears of joy. Page Six reports that a source told them the tweet was referencing Jeannie Klisiewicz. Klisiewicz is an employee to whom Ellen gifted a cruise on her show. Although the tweet has been taken out of context, it still reflects poorly on the talk show host.

This comes after announcements that season 18 of her talk show will be delayed amid allegations. No matter the original intent, the 2009 tweet and user reactions are a bad look for Ellen DeGeneres.