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Elon Musk on His Reported Travel Plans: ‘Becoming a Security Issue’

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for TIME)

Those who follow Elon Musk know he frequently posts on social media outlets about his life and business happenings. Though that itself isn’t a problem, it seems the world constantly learning about his travel plans is “becoming a security issue,” he says.

Whether they turn out to be true or not, rumors surrounding Elon Musk’s travel plans are becoming a serious issue. The news comes after Musk himself responded to a tweet from Sawyer Merritt, a self-identified Tesla investor. At one point, Merritt shared a post claiming Musk planned to travel to Berlin, Germany this week. He then deleted the tweet, saying he wouldn’t do it again moving forward. Musk concurred, tweeting back “Yeah, unfortunately this is becoming a security issue.”

Reflecting on just how much a security risk it is, Merritt tweeted again, stating some accounts exist solely to follow Musk. “Today I was thinking there are some accounts literally dedicated to tracking Elon’s every move & I also saw multiple EV blogs reporting from their own sources Elon’s upcoming Berlin visit so I thought I’d say something & encourage others to stop,” he said.

Musk did confirm he plans to visit the Tesla’s Gigafactory in Berlin, the New York Post reported. However, he did clarify, saying “I obv can’t comment on every rumor, but this isn’t true. Am headed to Berlin mid Feb, not this week.” Multiple outlets state the trip is because Tesla seeks government clearance to begin mass-producing its Model Y vehicles.

Elon Musk’s travel plans being aired isn’t the only issue he faces lately, it seems. However, another problem is of a much cuter variety. Apparently, Musk’s Starlink satellites have cat troubles, among other things.

Yes, you read that correctly, cats seem to be interfering with the Starlink satellites. Once you obtain the service, you must set up a Starlink satellite dish to get your internet access. Included is a “Snow Melt Mode,” which warms the dish up to melt snow, should snow bury it. Since the country received heavy snow lately, many animals have been seeking refuge in unlikely places. As you might have guessed, the cats have been getting cozy in the dishes.

“I was checking my dish with a thermal sight and it actually looks like the whole dish, even the backside is warm,” a Starlink tester stated. “So you might [find] animals under or around it in general if it’s ground-mounted.” As it turns out, when the snow mode is active, the dishes turn to face the sun. This creates a perfect perch, not just for cats, but birds and rodents too.

Luckily, when the dish begins transmitting, it tilts in a way animals can’t stop inside of it. Nonetheless, big animals could break the satellites. To help prevent this, the company advises you not set them up where ground-based animals can access them.

Unless you want nearby animals to be a bit cozier out in the cold, that is.