Elvis Presley Catches Some Sun in Rare Hawai’i Picture Shared by His Estate

by Jon D. B.

For an Elvis Presley fan, seeing a new photo of the man himself is a rarity. Yet here we have an elusive shot of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll in one of his favorite places: Hawai’i.

It’s an intimate photograph courtesy of a private setting. Though the photo may be rare, the location itself will be familiar to Elvis Presley die-hards.

“Elvis in one of his favorite places, Hawaii, pausing from his busy schedule to catch some rays,” posts his estate to their official Instagram Monday. Within, we see Elvis soaking in some sun, even though he’s not really dressed for the occasion. As for that location, the palm tree grove certainly looks to belong to a frequent Presley haunt, Coco Palms Resort. Check out the photo for yourself below, fellow fans, and see if you agree:

If any organization were to have unseen photos of the King, it’d be the Elvis Presley Estate. Their Instagram often shares rare shots of the icon, but this one has to be one of the rarest of the lot.

As for Coco Palms, the iconic resort once hosted the biggest names in the world. From Elvis and Priscilla Presley to Frank Sinatra, Hollywood royalty would flock to the Hawaiian paradise to escape.

Coco Palms Resort would open its doors to the public In 1953. The lavish locale sits in a coastal Wailuā coconut grove. Such placement originally stirred controversy, though, as it was built atop land locals considered historically significant. In fact, native Hawaiians know the coconut grove as not only a site of cultural significance, but of ancient royalty, as well.

Elvis Presley’s Hawaii History is Extensive

After it’s ravaging by a severe hurricane in 1992 and 30 years of abandonment after, however, Hawai’i hallmark Coco Palms is being torn down.

Locals and tourists can still visit Coco Palms Resort and see glimpses of its former glory today, though. Mosaics remain in place, and quite a few of the 24 rooms and their unique Hawaii splendor still stand.

At one point in recent history, Coco Palms did stand to be revitalized. The New York Post cites that “Honolulu developers GreeneWaters LLC formed a partnership with Coco Palms Hui LLC to restore the resort, with the intent to reopen Coco Palms as part of the Hyatt franchise” in 2016.

By 2019, however, “financial reasons” for collapse led to the project shutting down. Now, the land’s future lies in limbo in 2021, with fate seemingly willing this historic coconut grove back to its people and nature.

If even the glimpse above (courtesy of Elvis’ Estate) in Presley’s estate looks familiar, that is because Elvis and Priscilla Presley took many highly-photographed trips to the resort together. It would be one of many, highly-photographed occasions where Elvis would visit Coco Palms.

Moreover, one of his most famous musical films, Blue Hawaii, would film partially at Coco Palms, as well. Other Hollywood movies would follow. 1953’s Oscar-nominated 3D musical spectacular Miss Sadie Thompson, would also film at the resort. This film, starring Rita Hayworth, would drive considerable traffic to the resort alongside the escapades of Elvis & Priscilla PresleyFrank Sinatra, and other living legends of the time.