Elvis Presley: Check Out the King’s One-of-a-Kind Gun Collection

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Bettmann/Getty Images

Elvis Presley may be known for his music. But he had various interests and hobbies. For one, the King of Rock ‘n Roll loved his guns. Presley was something of a gun fanatic during his life. And he had the kind of firearms that would be envied by kings.

Reportedly, Presley owned 32 handguns, one shotgun, and a machine gun during his life. Presley’s revolvers in particular were works of art. His weapons featured ornate handles and intricate designs befitting of Presley’s often flamboyant style. You can’t say Presley didn’t have class, especially when it came to firearms.

For instance, Presley owned a Smith & Wesson Model 19-2. The weapon featured golden engravings of deer, bears, and other wildlife along its handles. Presley had Friedrick Wilhelm Heym Co. of Germany create the custom engravings on the weapon. As with several of his guns, Presley ended up giving the weapon away.

The King gifted the weapon to Sheriff Gene Barksdale after the sheriff helped him out. A couple of Presley’s friends got stuck at an airport, and the sheriff arranged for them to be picked up. As repayment, Presley gave the sheriff the personalized gun.

Elvis Presley Loved His Guns

Likewise, the Colt Python Double Action Revolver was a thing of beauty. The revolver featured a pearl white handle. Like the Smith & Wesson, Friedrick Wilhelm Heym designed the engravings, which also included various forest animals in the design.

Presley wound up presenting the gun to his friend Richard Grob, the Director of Security and Operations for Elvis Presley Enterprises. Grob played an important role in Presley’s firearms obsession. He would often advise Presley on which weapons to buy and even went to the gun range with the musician.

Not all of Presley’s weapons were so finely decorated. He also owned a 25 Caliber Semi-Automatic Pistol. Presley carried the small weapon for a time in his boot when he performed on-stage in Las Vegas.

But during one performance, the weapon ended up falling out and sliding across the floor. Afterward, Presley got rid of the weapon, claiming it was too small for him. That weapon later sold at a Graceland auction.

For the rest of his life, Presley loved firearms of various designs and sizes. The musician even would take a gun to his bedroom when he went to sleep at night. Presley left behind a sizeable collection of various weapons, he often gave away to others as gifts.