Elvis Presley Couldn’t Dance When He Went to Senior Prom

by Matthew Wilson

They say a person’s teenage years can be awkward. Even for famous people. Singer Elvis Presley did not have a good time at his senior prom. The singer, who would later make a name for his dance moves, couldn’t dance back then.

Instead, Presley and his date Regis Wilson sat on the sidelines and watched other couples on the dance floor. According to Mental Floss, the singer sheepishly confessed that he didn’t know how to dance. Wilson figured it was due to his religious upbringing. The two sat a while and talked while drinking sodas.

Presley felt a need to make it up to his prom date. He wanted to impress his high school crush after all. But Wilson could sense that Presley felt awkward at the Peabody Hotel with all of his classmates. The future singer always stood out away from his peers. For one, he wore colorful outfits, atypical for boys during that era. And he styled his hair in a different style than other students as well.

“He would show up in outfits that were so flashy I would open the door and blink my eyes,” Wilson recalled in a biography.

For the prom, Presley once again went against the grain. Whereas most boys wore white tuxedos to prom, Presley opted for a dark blue suit and a pair of blue suede shoes. He even rented a dark blue Chevy just for the occasion. But Presley didn’t seem to have much fun at the event.

Elvis Presley Never Saw His Prom Date Again

Presley promised that the two would go to a party afterward and have fun. Both Wilson and Presley took a photo together. The singer looked more like a soldier heading off to war than a student having fun at prom in the photo.

The duo planned to meet up with Presley’s friends after prom at Leonard’s Barbeque. From there, they would go to a party one of them was throwing. But Presley’s friends ended up ghosting the two. The singer and his prom date drove out to the restaurant and waited. But no one else ever showed up. Feeling embarrassed by the whole occasion, Presley took Wilson home.

To make matters worse, Wilson and Presley never saw each other again. The singer went by her house a few weeks later but Wilson and her entire family were gone. Wilson never got to explain to Presley that she moved because her family was having money problems. She ended up traveling to Florida. And the memory became a sad one for the singer.