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Elvis Presley’s Cousin Remembers Shocking Sight From the King in the Recording Studio

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo credit: Bettmann/contributor/Getty Images)

Elvis Presley left behind more than a massive collection of hits. He left behind an undying legacy. So many of the things she did and said as well as the places he went have become iconic. Countless fans from around the globe have spent hours digging into the deep lore of the King’s life. After all, there are several books and documentaries out there that detail large portions of his life and exploits. Alternatively, fans can go to Graceland and learn volumes about Presley, his life, and his family.

However, the best sources for information about Elvis Presley are the people who knew him while he was alive. The King died in 1977. However, many of the people who were close to him are still here. Additionally, many of them are more than willing to share a little Elvis knowledge with the public. At the very least they have some stories to tell about the legendary rocker.

Billy Smith is one of those great sources of Elvis Presley information. After all, Smith is the King’s cousin. He was there with the rest of the Memphis Mafia when Presley was at his peak. However, he was just a boy at the time. But, he has a sharp memory. At the same time, much of the lore of Presley’s life has become family history. So, that makes him a wonderful source of information as well as stories about Elvis and the goings-on at Graceland and beyond. Currently, Smith runs the Memphis Mafia Kid YouTube channel. There, he shares some of those stories with the public.

Recently, Billy Smith opened up about what it was like watching Elvis Presley work in the studio back in 1958.

Elvis Presley in the Studio

 Billy Smith said that he knew there was something special about Elvis Presley the first time he watched the King work in the studio. It was 1958 and Elvis was on leave from the US Army. He had to get in the studio and cut a few singles while he was home.

Billy Smith was just a kid but he knew that he was witnessing greatness. He said that he stood there “gawking” at Elvis Presley while he played and sang in Studio B. Then, when the King would take a break, Billy would go get him water. After a while, Smith decided to give the superstar some space. So, he watched from a distance. However, the distance didn’t change what he was seeing.

About Elvis Presley, Smith said, “When Elvis was on stage, somehow he had a way of bringing you into his world.” That was also true when he performed in the studio. Smith realized this as he stood slack-jawed watching the King lay down vocals.

It was then that Billy Smith realized that there was something different and amazing about Elvis Presley. However, he can’t put his finger on what the X factor was, to this day. Smith said, “I feel like so many of Elvis’ fans know exactly what I’m talking about.” If he had to try to nail it down, he said, “I think he put his heart and soul into every song he recorded, good or bad.”