Elvis Presley: Why the King’s Cousins Say He Would’ve Ditched the Jumpsuits if He Was Alive Today

by Megan Molseed

Elvis Presley would be 86 years old this year. When the popular rocker first burst onto the scene in the 1950s, he impressed audiences around the world. With his slicked-up ‘do, his popped-up collar, and penny-loafers, he made the girls swoon and the boys want to be him. 

During his career, Elvis Presley made a name for himself as one of the most influential style icons. From the King’s “rock-a-billy” attire in the early days to his “the flashier-the-better” stage attire, each look the rock-icon wore was one to remember. 

Oftentimes, when one imagines Elvis Presley, they picture him during his Vegas days. Clad in an overly sequined jumpsuit featuring the high collar and the flared pants, the famous singer certainly made a splash every time he stepped onto the stage. 

The King May Have Ditched the Jumpsuits

According to a recent Express article, The King’s cousin believes that, while this look became synonymous with the famous rocker, he wouldn’t have necessarily stayed with the style over the years. 

“Elvis liked to stay with the trend going at the time,” the Express article noted the King’s cousin Billy Smith said in a recent appearance on the Memphis Mafia Kid YouTube channel. I think it would probably wound around to something different as far as costumes.”

Billy Smith’s son, Danny added his own take on what Elvis’s style would be if h were alive today.

 “It would, of course, [have] stood out,” he said. “It would have been flashy.”

Elvis Presley’s Jet-Black Quaf Had a Little Enhancement

Danny added that while Elvis Presley may have eventually ditched the flashy jumpsuits, he is pretty sure whatever the next style would have been, it would have been flashy in its own right.

“He would have been stylish and standing out,” Danny added. “The cool that he always was.”

During the interview, Billy Smith noted something else he felt the famous rocker would have changed over the years, were he to have lived to the age of 86. 

“I kind of think he would probably still be dyeing his hair but you know he might have left a little grey in it,” the King’s cousin noted. 

According to the “Express” article, Elvis Presley dyed his hair regularly. In fact, the article states that The King’s natural hair color was a dirty blonde. 

“Early on in his career, the rock and roll star would dye his hair jet black “for drama,” as once described by his ex-girlfriend Linda Thompson,” the article stated. 

Whatever the case, The King is certainly an unforgettable icon, one of the many that we lost too soon.