Elvis Presley’s Daughter Lisa Marie Opened Up About Her Distaste for Graceland’s Back Lawn: ‘Who Lives Like This’

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Bryan Steffy/WireImage)

Lisa Marie Presley hates the back lawn at Graceland. She even wrote a song about it. Her 2003 track “Lights Out” sums up her feelings for the Memphis mansion’s large lawn.

“Someone turned the lights out there in Memphis. That’s where my family’s buried and gone,” the song goes. “Last time I was there I noticed a space left, Next to them there in Memphis. In the damn back lawn.”

Elvis Presley purchased Graceland in 1957 for around $100,000. The sprawling estate was his castle. He would live there, die there, and be buried there. Most of the Presley Family is buried in that “damn back lawn.”

Lisa Marie Presley visits Graceland often. And looking out a back window and seeing headstones is a grim reminder she doesn’t appreciate.

“The back lawn of Graceland is a graveyard, basically. How many people have a family grave in the backyard? How many people are reminded of their fate, their mortality, every ****ing day?” she told The Express.

Officially, the cemetery at Graceland is called the Meditation Garden. Elvis, his parents Vernon and Gladys, and his grandmother Minnie Mae are all buried there in side-by-side graves. But last summer the Presley family laid another person to rest there. Lisa Marie Presley’s son Benjamin Keough, who committed suicide in July 2020.

Lisa Marie Presley has never commented on her son’s death nor his burial. But she expected she would be the next addition to the Meditation Garden.

“I don’t plan on anything,” when she was asked in 2012 about her funereal plans. “I’m sure I’ll end up there. Or I’ll shrink my head and put it in a glass box in the living room. I’ll get more tourists to Graceland that way.”

Riley Keough Pays Tribute to Brother One Year Later

Actress, writer, and model Riley Keough penned a heart-rending tribute to her late brother on the anniversary of his death earlier this month.

In an Instagram post, she included several photos of the two of them growing up together.

“Today has been a year without you baby brother. I miss you endlessly every day,” she captioned the post.

Riley is the oldest of Lisa Marie Presley’s four children. She has 12-year-old twin sisters. She told InStyle magazine that it’s been an awful year for her family. But she’s working hard to learn from it and grow.

“I’m really consciously trying to be present, and not use anything as any kind of escape, and be cognizant of when I’m doing that,” Riley Keough said.

“I’m just generally trying to be grateful for everything at the moment, trying to operate in love, and keep my heart open, and give and receive love,” she said. “And not in a woo-woo way, because I definitely have hard days, and all kinds of pain and suffering and all that.

“But I think when you realize that’s part of it, and your expectation isn’t to just be feeling joy, that’s been a real shift for me in finding those moments and things to smile about.”