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Elvis Presley Estate Celebrates ‘Soaking Up the Summer’ With Classic Poolside Pic of The King

by Megan Molseed
Getty Images

It’s a side of Elvis Presley we don’t see too often. On July 3, the Elvis Presley estate posted a pic of the King relaxing at the pool. The photo shows a more laid-back version of the energetic and impassioned rockstar. It is a photo fitting for the upcoming holiday, that’s for sure.

The photo was posted with the caption: “For the month of July, we are soaking up the summer with the King of Rock ‘N’ Roll.”

The Instagram pic features the King laid back next to the water. He is dressed in pants and a button-down shirt. The clothes may not be the ideal pool attire, however, there is a sort of mussy and relaxed quality to the threads. Even Elvis Presley’s hair, with its legendary pompadour style, is looking casual.

It’s unsure where or when the vintage photo of the King relaxing poolside was taken at.

Elvis Presley’s Graceland, a Place Full Of Happy Memories

The former Presley family home became a memorial to the late rock-n-roller five years after his death. Prior to that, it was a place where Elvis’s family made a lot of happy memories. Less famous pieces of the original family home atmosphere Graceland once became clear when Elvis Presley’s daughter, Lisa Marie Presley gave Oprah Winfrey a tour of the famous mansion.

During the tour, she discussed her days playing on the grounds of the historic home with her father. Those included such memories as swimming in Graceland’s pool with her father.

Memories like those and photos of her dad are comforting to Presley. Additionally, the Graceland property holds a little more than just memories for the King’s daughter.

Lisa Marie Keeps Part of Her Father’s Memory

During the tour, Presley showed Oprah a secret room on the Graceland estate that has always been sealed off to visitors. This room holds some of Elvis’s private mementos, photos, jewelry, and a collection of his famous jumpsuits. The room has never been open to visitors, and its location is unknown to even Graceland’s most regular visitors.

“Nobody actually knows that this is here,” Lisa Marie said of the top-secret room. Lisa Marie added that it is this fact that she finds most comforting about the secret room is that it connects her back to her childhood with her father. “It’s quite comforting,” she also said.

“The whole thing, even the house is like a little time capsule of the past,” Presley told Oprah. “Nothing has ever changed.”