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Elvis Presley Estate Drops Hilarious Quote About His ‘Puppy Loves’ in High School

by Suzanne Halliburton
Photo by FilmPublicityArchive/United Archives via Getty Images

Elvis Presley was a lover and a singer. We’re not sure how he categorized romance in relation to his on-stage performances, but they were priorities.

And Presley started early. Elvis used to say he had lots of “puppy loves” in high school. For the second straight year, the Elvis estate reminded fans of his penchant for the ladies with puppy love posts on all his official social media accounts.

This year, the quote was illustrated with an undated photo of Elvis and a floppy-eared basset hound.

Elvis Presley Talked About “Puppy Loves” In An Interview in 1956

The King talked about his “puppy loves” during an interview with the journalist Robert Carlton Brown on March 24, 1956 at the Warwick Hotel in New York. The interview was recorded. It also was released as an album so that Elvis fans could hear the King talk about all sorts of topics, including his love life.

The conversation also was documented in the book “Elvis, Word for Word” by Jerry Osborne.

First, Know The King Liked All Women

Here’s part of the transcipt:

Q: Elvis, do you think you’ll get married one of these days?

A: Well, I’ve been approached with the question, “when you do get married, what kind of girl do you want?”

Q: Well, what kind

A: That’s a question I’ve never been able to answer. A blonde, or a brunette or a red head or a technicolor.

Q: Probably several of these?

A: I haven’t got a dream girl in my mind right now.

Q: Well, how about her general character and personality.

A: Well, I would like to … I don’t want anybody more or less who is a snob or put on. … I’d want somebody to just be them self.”

Q: Probably a Southern girl? Or does that make a difference?

A: That wouldn’t matter becuse the girls, most of ’em, are the same everywhere. I mean, there’s different varieties in every part of the country.

Q: You didn’t have any long-term girls when you were younger? In high school?

A: I had a lot of puppy loves. … The longest I was ever with one girl was a year and a half.

Elvis’ Broke Up With His High School Girlfriend Because Of His Career

Q: Do you still see her?

IA: see her every once in awhile. In fact, I only broke up with her when I started singing. I was away from her so much.

Q: How’d she feel about it?

A: Well, it’s all over now. It was over a year ago.”

Presley tells the interviewer he received letters from his high school girl friend, aka one of his puppy loves, “every once in awhile.”

He also goes on to say Eva Marie Saint and Kim Novak were his favorite actresses.

Elvis’ Former Bodyguard Names His Four Great Loves

Here are some fun Elvin romance facts. In 1957, he began a relationship with Anita Wood. The two dated until 1962. In 1959, Elvis met Priscilla Beaulieu when she was in the ninth grade. They married in 1967.

Presley’s former bodyguard Sonny West wrote a book about his former boss called “Elvis, Still Taking Care of Business.” In the book, West wrote that Elvis had four great loves in his life. Besides Woods and Priscilla, he also loved Ann Margret, his co-star in Viva Las Vegas. Linda Thompson was his fourth great love. The two met in 1974 when Thompson was Miss Tennessee.

West, the bodyguard, said if Presley and Thompson had stayed together, she would’ve been there the night Presley over dosed and died. She possibly could’ve saved him.

“During my shows, people often ask me whether Elvis would be alive today if Linda had been with him that night at Graceland,” West wrote in his book. “I tell them that I can’t say for certain that he would be alive today, but I do tell them, ‘If Linda Thompson had been with him, he wouldn’t have died that night’…That statement is a reference to how well Linda looked after him.”

Elvis loved them all.\